That Night

About an unusual travel


1. That Night

                                                                               That Night.



That evening I felt a kind of spiritual connection with the lord. As I was applying soap on my face, my eyes closed to allow my hands to apply some soap on them too. Then I saw a bright white light holding a shadow of a human being in it.


The shadow was all black within the circular all white.


The shadow was attracting me towards it.


I panicked at this, immediately poured water from the bucket in one go by lifting it over my head and then  at a frantic pace wiped myself dry and ran out of the bathroom towards my hostel room.


Then I saw time and it was 8’o clock. My head started to produce an unbearable ache. An ache never experienced by me before that was trying to knock me down.


I popped a Disprin and lay on my string bed. It was the month of June and the heat was too harsh to give a blissful sleep.


The ceiling fan was whirring at a high speed but it was feeling failed in its purpose to provide me any respite from the sweltering heat.


My whole body was wet with perspiration.


I closed my eyes and again saw a black human image tightly fitted in the circular white light.


I tried to open my eyes but could not.


Some force jammed them.


My whole body tensed. I was unable to use any of my limbs.


My heart started to pound against my ribs furiously increasing my breath to frantic speeds. I could sense my whole chest swelling up and then down at a mad rate.


Then a crackling sound emerged.


I somehow managed to save myself from the fan and sat on the slab fitted in a corner of the wall.


Then my eyes popped out as I saw a very thin crimson coloured luminous thread tied to the navel of my body  which was lying on the bed and me.


I was unable to believe my eyes. My own body was lying lifeless and I was sitting on a slab.


“How is it possible?”


“Have I died?”


“Is it a dream?”


Then I cautiously rose from the slab and tried to run out of the room.


I felt my pace restricted by this thin thread attached to my body and me.


I spotted my roommate Ganeshan coming towards our shared hostel room.


He passed without noticing me. I turned back to follow him.


He placed his books on the study table, wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead with his hands. A habit of Ganeshan I disgusted a lot.


“Oh! Ho! Ramesh you get tired easily, wake up we need to reach the mess before 10, before it closes down,” said Ganeshan to my body still busy wiping his forehead.


He became restless on hearing no response from me to his plea. The sultry weather can make anyone mad and Ganeshan with his empty stomach was loosing his temper too fast.


“Get up Ramesh I can’t sleep on an empty stomach,” cried Ganeshan this time angrily.


But this time he became worried and turned towards me and tapped a little on my shoulder.


His little tap dragged me inside my body with an enormous speed and strength. That little luminous thread pulled me inside.


I got up in a frenzied state.


Ganeshan was frightened to see me getting up startled.


I was too shocked by whatever had just happened with me.


“You go Ganeshan; today I am not feeling hungry,” I pleaded.


Ganeshan was too scared to argue with me and I laughed as I saw him running out of the room.


My laugh made him more scared as I could hear the increased speed of his footfalls.


I placed my pillow against my bedside and resting my back on it wondered whatever just happened with me.


I was feeling feather light without any sign of any headache.


My eyelashes were struggling to close down as I was fighting with them to keep them open, as I was too afraid of this out of my understanding thing to happen again.


Soon I was defeated. I woke up early in the morning to the sound of my alarm. Ganeshan’s bed was unoccupied. I think he was too afraid to come in the room that night.


I am still struggling to figure out whatever happened with me that night.



I have not talked about it to any of my friends as they might consider me crazy but I read a few days ago in a magazine about astral body and its wanderings. It may seem as madness to a rational mind but I believe that day I experienced astral travel.



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