bullys aren't worth it!!.

well its about this boy and he is so so quiet he was a really inteligent boy. Other boys did not like him just cause he was better thean them any way he gets bullied and he starts going mental and he says he cant take any more shit from there and he turns mad and goes crazy and starts fighting all the people that bullied him.


1. bullies aren't worth it!!.

one sunny day there was a boy called sam really really inteligent boy he was so so good he got his grades and that and there where older boys and they started on him all the time he just hated it he wishes he could die. One day he was walking home and there where the boys he just keept his head down and tried to walk on but the they noticed is was they shouted sam come here he tried to rin he couldn't get away they grabbed him the started punching him and kicking him on the ground. Then they stopped and ran cause a man came.



thats all the now have more some other time.

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