Tell me something, but don't talk

"Et lille oneshot som også er at finde på / CamilleVendetta. :-)" De ville aldrig have troet at dett ville gå som det gjorde. At fysisk tiltrækning kunne ændre så meget som det gjorde. Men det skete.


1. Final

They sat on the rooftop and held hands. He smiled to her and she smiled back to him. ”You're not cold, are you darling?” She shook her head. No, with him she was never cold. He kissed her hand and she put her head on his shoulder. The moon was shining down to them in this hot autumn evening and the lights over Seoul was more beautiful than she had ever imagined. Although they had been dating for 2 years he had never brought her to the rooftop. Mostly because he knew she was scared of heights and had had a hard time even looking out of the window in the apartment. He stroke her hair and smiled. ”Valeriya..?” he asked and she looked at him. ”Yes, what it is, dear?” She saw him trying to find something in his pocket as he let go of her hand and went down on one knee. She looked at him, when he took a little box and handed it to her. ”Will you marry me?” She widened her eyes. ”Kyuhyun..” she gasped, not knowing what to say. She took the little box and opened it. Inside was a silver ring with a single diamond. It was simple. When she took it up to inspect it further she saw there were a K and a V engraved in it. He smiled shyly to her. Then she smiled widely and kissed him passionate. Yes. There were nothing in the world she would more than marrying him. He relaxed as she kissed him. When she finally let go of him, he had a spark in his eyes. ”I assume that's a yes..?” She laughed. ”You bet it is!”




She was lost. Of course she was. She tried to find her parents but they were nowhere to see. She had sighed loudly. This was great. They had only been here for a couple of days and she had tried to stay as close to them as ever. Then her father had suggested they went to Seoul Grand Park. He had said it was some kind of zoo, knowing that Valeriya had always loved animals and wanted to give her this experience. Actually she had been kinda scared when he had mention the name, mainly because of the 'Grand'. Valeriya had never been fond of big places nor a lot of people. She had refused when her parents had told her they were going to South Korea for the summer vacation, but they had convinced her to go. Of course Valeriya had loved K-pop for quite some years when they had decided to go, but she had been so afraid of heights that she had already settled with the fact that she was never going to fly to South Korea and therefore never would go. But they had went to please her. She loved her parents. On the airplane she had been so high on different kind of drugs that she had slept almost the entire 26 hours they had been on the road. Lucky for her father she was a very skinny girl and didn't weigh much. The airport-crew had been very kind when her parents had tried to explain why he was carrying her, she had been told. She had no memory of it at all. And then her father had suggested to go to Seoul Grand Park to watch a South Korean zoo and now she had gotten lost. She sighed. Perfect, absolutely perfect. She was afraid she was never going to find her way back home, so without even trying she just gave up and placed herself on a bench. Some people were speaking korean to her, but she had no idea of what was being said. Once in a while she tried talking russian to them, just to see how they would react. Then she heard her stomach growl. Oh no, why now? Well, she had a few wons on her so she decided to go look for some food.


Yesung yawned. Why had he agreed to go with them to the zoo? They were recognized everywhere, even though they had tried to disguse. Even though he had refused in the beginning Sungmin had wanted him to come. It would be fun, he had said. Yesung couldn't see the fun in any of this right now. Kyuhyun put a hand on his shoulder. ”Bored?” Yesung nodded. Hell yeah, he was bored. ”I'm hungry,” Kyuhyun said and pointed against Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin and Ryeowook. ”Come, let's go find some food, they'll be entertained for some while..” Yesung looked at him. Did Kyuhyun suggest they left their bandmembers? He heard Donghae shout something and took a quick decision. ”Yeah, let's go find something to eat!” Without telling their bandmembers they left. When they had found a foodstall they bought some icecream and sat on a bench to eat. Kyuhyun looked at Yesung. ”It's warm today, don't you think?” Yesung was busy eating icecream, when he answered Kyuhyun with a short 'neh'. Kyuhyun smiled. It was a perfect day for everything. Then his eyes caught a girl with long brown hair. She was tall and her skin didn't look asian. She looked extremely lost. ”Hyung, I'll just go ask that girl if she needs any help.” He got up, when Yesung grabbed his arm. ”Be careful, okay?” Kyuhyun laughed. ”Oh, come on, you can watch us from over here if you're that worried.” Yesung let go of his hand and continued to eat his icecream. Kyuhyun went to the girl. ”Excuse me, miss. You look lost, can I help you?” The girl didn't react at his word. Kyuhyun looked weird at her. Why didn't she react? Maybe she was deaf? He poked her shoulder causing her to jump nearly a meter in the air. She looked at him and he smiled. She was nervous, it was obivous. She wasn't korean. He tried to repeat his words in korean but she looked shyly at him, not understanding a single word. Then she said something in a language he had never heard. It sounded as if she was twisting her tongue. Damn, how was he to be polite in english? Did she even understand english? He tried. ”Uhm... Hello?” She smiled to him, and answered his 'hello' with a 'hello'. Her smile was kind. ”Are... Are... Are you..” How would you say that? She didn't seem to understand his words. Then he got a bright idea and found his phone and entered the internet to find the Google Translate and translated the word 'lost?' and then handed her his phone so she could see it. She nodded when she saw it and handed him his phone back.


Who was this kind stranger in front of her? She would have thought that every person would have left her when she didn't understand their korean, but this guy had just found his phone, trying to be able to communicate with her. She found her own phone and found Google Translate. ”Да, я потерян. Вы знаете, где я могу найти главного входа ? ” she typed. She couldn't stop smiling when she saw his eyes when she handed him her phone. She was certain they weren't on the korean translation but on the russian she had been written. When he had finally understood her, he pointed in some direction. ”That direction would do.” he said in korean and she smiled at him and showed him her phone. She couldn't understand korean. She was a jerk, she knew that. It had been a horrible idea of coming to South Korea without the slightest idea of how to speak korean. But she hadn't had any need to learn it, as she had been certain she was never going. He laughed and typed it in his phone, translating to english. She nodded. She was really thankful to this stranger. When she left, she bowed shortly (as she had read that would be a way of expressing thankfulness) and went towards the direction he had pointed out. They had agreeing to meet at the main entrance if they got lost. When she saw the main entrance she saw both of her parents at the same time. Her mother waved towards her and ran to give her a hugh. ”We were so scared we had lost you!” Valeriya couldn't help laughing. They had had lost her if it wasn't for that stranger. She smiled at the thought of him. Yeah, some people definetely were kind. Her father looked suspicious at her. ”You haven't had any anxiety attacks, have you?” She shook her head. No, she hadn't. Quite a wonder, actually. He smiled and sighed in relief when he saw her answer. Then her mother grabbed her hand, as if she had been a kid of age 5, but Valeriya didn't care. She was comfortable with holding her mothers hand and she had been afraid of her anxiety attacks. Then they went to see the other half of the zoo.


Were have you guys been?!” Donghae was scolding when Yesung and Kyuhyun found them again. Yesung licked a corner of his mouth. ”They've been eating icecream!” Sungmin said. ”Without us..” he added disappointed. Kyuhyun laughed. ”Come on, you guys can have icecream too, if that's a big deal!” Eunhyuk smiled. When they later entered the dorm they saw Shindong and Leeteuk eating. Ryeowook looked at them. ”Where have you gotten food from?” he asked and Shindong smiled guilty. ”We bought it..” Leeteuk finished and laughed. ”Now, have you guys had a fun day?” They nodded, Kyuhyun on his way to go to his room when he heard Yesung talking. ”Kyuhyun found some girl, I don't know what they were doing..” Kyuhyun felt everybodys eyes on his back. He sighed. ”She was lost, I just helped her find the right way!” Shindong smiled that very typical smile that Kyuhyun hated. He shook his head and went away before they would start questioning him. He had been polite and that was all. He laid on his bed and rested. Tomorrow it was all schedules once again and he would have no time to be polite. But that girl had looked so lost, he had had to help her. He would have felt really bad if he had just walked by her. He wondered if she had found whoever she had been looking for at the main entrance. He hoped it. She seemed so fragile and now that he thought of her, she seemed even more fragile. When he closed her eyes he immediately fell asleep. He had been tired. But he wasn't sleeping good, in his dreams he was haunted by a conscience he didn't even know he had.


Valeriya stared out of the window. They were living on the ground because of her acrophobia. She sighed. It was raining today, but somehow she wanted to go outside. There were not many people on the street right now, it seemed everybody stayed inside because of the rain. If she told her parents they would start fearing she was sick. They really cared for her. They knew she was too skinny, they knew she had her anxiety attacks and that acrophobia of hers. And even though those were the only things 'wrong' she had the feeling that they were just waiting for a new diagnosis. Eating disorder, depression, manic-depressive disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia. She could have been continuing but the list always made her feel like a maniac. She was not ill, she was only a little afraid. Okay, she could easily be scared to death if that was anyones intention. She opened her window and crawled out of it. She felt the warmth and the water on her skin immediately as she ran away from the hotel room. Her parents would be freaked out but she needed to do something crazy right now. Her dress stuck to her body and made her weight obvious to everybody as she ran. People stared at her, even some shouted at her but she kept running. She didn't understand their words anyway. She followed the river and felt her heart beat and her muscles started to complain. She hadn't been running for a while but physical fitness was still quite good. She continued into a park when she suddenly bumped into someone. She stumbled and almost fell and so did the one she had run into. She heard a male voice and it almost sounded as if it was scolding her. She looked up and bowed a few times. She were sorry. “I'm sorry...” she continued mumbling. Then she looked to meet the eyes of the person she had just run into.


Kyuhyun looked at the girl. Why was she out running in the rain now? And even without an umbrella or nearly any clothes. He smiled polite. She just kept staring at him. Now, had she recognized him or what? “You're..” she said, then remembered the communication they had been doing before. She handed out as if to take his phone and he gave it to her, holding his umbrella over the both of them so it wouldn't get wet. She tried to dry her hands before taken it but she didn't really succeed. Then she typed in a couple of sentences in that weird language of hers and then gave it back to him. “Thank you for the help at Seoul Grand Park. I'm sorry for running into you. I hope your phone is still working after this.” He couldn't help smile when he saw the last comment. He changed the language and typed in. “It sure is working.” Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her along. He had to know why she was running out here, but they couldn't stand out here, it would be too difficult to type those long sentences on his phone. She looked scared when he pulled her along, but he smiled to comfort her. Where was he to take her? If he brought her to the apartment the guys would be teasing them forever. But on the other hand, she didn't understand korean and they couldn't really talk english, so maybe there would be no communication between them at all and that could work. He dragged her under a roof and typed the idea to her and she nodded. She agreed to it. Then he automatically took her hand and let her to the building. When she saw the tall building she froze. He looked at her. That was a weird reaction, why would she freeze like this? He let go of her hand. She handed out for his phone and when he gave it to her she wrote one word 'Acrophobia.' He looked at her. Was she afraid of heights? How was he going to take her to 10th floor, if she was scared of heights. How had she gotten here if she was scared of heights and therefore couldn't fly? He took her hands again, trying to comfort her with his body. It seemed right and he wasn't thinking over it. He was just helping a girl again. He was helping the same girl and somehow he enjoyed it. She was different in a way that really attracted him. When he got to that realization he got a little afraid of himself. But it was right. He was physically attracted by this girl. He didn't know anything about her, but his body was attracted to her. He sighed. Great. There was a problem – to get her to the apartment without her freaking out. Then he got an idea.


Valeriya was staring at that tall building. If that stranger wanted her to go up there... she had no idea what to do. The thought of being in that building made her shiver. She felt her hands shake, as she suddenly felt a warm hand grabbing hers. She looked at him but only shortly, when she started to realize that a anxiety attack was on it's way. She sat down on the earth, letting go of his hand and started tearing up. Not now, not now. She covered her face in her hands and started shaking. Please, go. She begged silently that it would disappear, but it was too close. Then she suddenly felt a body around hers. He was giving her a hug! She froze again. It had completely erased all anxiety. Why was he hugging her? When he let go of her, she saw his eyes. He held out his phone. “If I blindfold you, will you be able to go with me?” She looked at him. Blindfold her and take her to that building?! Was he absolutely insane?! She felt the need to scream and run away, but he held her hand and got her up. He smiled calmly as if his idea was the best in the world. She tried to breathe slowly, not causing herself to get anxious again. Then she nodded. Her thoughts were scolding her, but her body acted on its own. He smiled and took off his scarf and blindfolded her. Then he grabbed her hand and gently led her to the building. She felt the warmth when they entered the hall and felt her anxiety grow. She was in a tall building. She was going UP. But somehow the blindfold made her more comfortable. She wasn't able to see what floor they were going to, she wasn't able to see the earth disappear under her feet. When the elevator stopped and he took off the blindfold he still smiled to her. She felt a cold wind and started immediately freezing. He opened up the door and shouted something in korean to someone else. Somebody answered him and did what he wanted them to do. Then they came to greet him. “Annyeong hyung!” the other guy said, as he saw the wet Valeriya. He greeted her too and she smiled.


Kyuhyun knew he was in trouble as soon as he saw Eunhyuk in front of the door, greeting him and the girl. “She doesn't speak korean, so don't even bother hyung..” he said and pulled the girl with him into the apartment. A few other greeted them, a lot of eyes were set on the girl he had brought to the apartment, but that wasn't important. He went to his room and placed her outside of the door and signed to her, that she had to stand still. He went in and pulled all the curtains down, making sure there were no signs of the height they were in. He didn't want to scare her more by bringing her up. As he invited her into the room, the only light was the lamp in the ceiling. She smiled as she carefully sat on his bed. Kyuhyun found his computer and opened up Google Translate. “이제, 나에게 자신에 대해 좀 더 말해!” He looked at her, curious to know what she would say. He had to poke her to get her attention, because she seemed very fascinated with his room. She laughed apologetic when she saw his message and took the computer. Yeah, he was really looking forward to know more about this girl. Then he realized that she was still really wet. He got up and looked up, signing to get some towels. She nodded as she understood what he wanted to do and he left the room. As soon as he closed the door, his hyungs were all over him. “Why have you brought a girl to the apartment?!” But Kyuhyun couldn't answer his questions. “I don't know!” he sighed and found some towels and tried to get back to his room, when Yesung blocked the door. “Have you been dating secretly?” Kyuhyun sighed and tried to get away from all the eyes that now laid on him, but it was impossible. “No, I haven't! I don't even know her name, for crying out loud!” Sungmin looked at him. “Then, why are she here, if you don't have any feelings for her?” Kyuhyun felt a knot in his stomach. He couldn't admit that he was feeling attracted to her, it would be too judgmental and he didn't want his hyungs to know. He sighed. “I don't know. I'm just helping her out, okay. And we communicate with Google Translate so, if thought it would be easier communicating over a computer instead of my cellphone..” He was about to die when the door suddenly was opened and the girl stood in her wet clothes which all stuck to her body with the computer in her hand, showing a short note. “I'm Valeriya, I'm from Russia. I'm sorry I don't understand any korean and cannot be able to communicate with you in words. I'm really thankful for your kindness, you're a sweet guy.” Donghae read the message faster than Kyuhyun. “That's sounds like there's love in the air!” Kyuhyun sighed and handed the girl the towels. Then he grabbed the computer. That was when Valeriya finally recognized them and spoke. “Super Junior.” They all looked at her.


When Valeriya first had recognized them she had been in chock, then in awe and after she saw their facial expressions she started laughing. That loosened up the the mood. It was surreal that she would be sitting here in Super Juniors dorm. Then she realized what she had been written on the computer and blushed. She had just called Kyuhyun from Super Junior a sweet guy! But then, on the other hand, he was a very sweet guy, good-looking and he had been really kind to her. Shindong patted her shoulder and she got a shock. When she saw his expression she couldn't stop smiling. It seemed to loosen everybody's mood. The door was opened and Siwon entered. “Hey guys!” he shouted, when he saw her and made the same expression all the others had had. She smiled and pointed at the computer. “Oh, you don't speak korean?” he said in english and she nodded. She didn't speak korean. He looked around to find the culprit who had taken her to the dorm and she pointed at Kyuhyun and hugged his arm. Siwon smiled as Kyuhyun blushed when he felt her body close to his. Eynhyuk looked at Kyuhyun and Valeriya. Then Valeriya remembered she had been running away from her parents. They would be worried to death, wondering if she had killed herself. “Can I borrow a phone?” she asked in english and Siwon, who where the only to completely understand her, took out his cellphone and handed it to her. She took it, dialed her mothers cellphone and started to calm down her mother as the phone was picked up. All the guys looked at her when she was talking to her mother in russian. She laughed to herself, it must sound so sunny. As she hung up she had been trying to convince her parents she was okay. Then Heechul got into the livingroom, wanting to know why they were all gathered as he saw the curtains were down. “Guys, why have you the curtains down?” he said and pulled them off. Kyuhyun tried to stop him but failed and as Valeriya saw the view she fainted.


Kyuhyun entered the hospital with a bunch of flowers. The guys had sent him off with them, but they had all wanted to be on the 'get better'-card. He sighed as he asked for her. He was sure her parents were there and he didn't really want to meet them. He was the reason she had fainted in the first place. When he was led to the room he saw to persons as he had been expecting. It had to be her parents. He walked in and smiled vaguely to Valeriya who sent a big smile. She took out her cellphone and wrote 'nothing bad happened' and showed it to him. The parents looked suspicious on him. She said something incomprehensible to her parents, but they smiled to him when she was finished. He smiled a little to them too and put the flowers on the table beside her bed. She took the card and read. When she was finished she smiled. It seemed like they were all forgiven. Somehow it just wasn't enough for Kyuhyun. He was more than sorry he had dragged her along to that apartment. In fact, he was sorry for even bumbing into her when she was running. He wanted to get out of her life because he felt he was damaging her more than he was doing any good, but somehow he just couldn't let go of her. The nights he had spent restless after she had been driven to the hospital had been long. He had no idea of why. She was an interesting girl, indeed she was. She was extremely good-looking despite her really low weight. She was just attracting and there was something interesting, some intelligible over her. Something... he just couldn't point out. Her parents talked to her again and her smiled faded away. What? What was happening? Was it something with her? Was she really more ill than she had translated to him. She sighed and wrote something more. “I'm really sorry, Kyuhyun. Our flight home is tomorrow, so I'll be leaving and I'm not sure I will come back ever again. You really are a guy of everybody's dreams and I'm really sorry I cannot get to know you better.” Under that a telephone number and a Skype-name was written. He looked at her. No. No. She wasn't leaving. Not now, when he had finally realized that he wanted to get to know her! That just couldn't be true. He left without saying a word.


Valeriya sat in the airport, waiting for her mother to find all of the medication she was going to take. She had been sad since she had seen Kyuhyun leave the hospital and she hadn't been able to speak to him. She had been standing at the SM entertainment building, hoping to meet him, but he hadn't been there. She hadn't had the guts to go the their apartment again. The last couple of days she had been missing him. She knew it was stupid, she didn't even know him that well. But the touch of his hands had told her so much more than any words could ever have. They day he had giving her a hug she had felt so safe. Nobody had ever been able to make her feel safe before, but he did. His kind words, his curiosity. She really just missed him. She had been wondering if she had started growing feelings for him, but she couldn't believe that. It had only been a few days, they hadn't even been talking. Not that much at least. Well, actually they hadn't been talking that much, because they had been translating everything. She sighed as her mother gave her the first pills and she swallowed them, waited for the effect. She laid on the chairs and closed her eyes, continued her thoughts about Kyuhyun. It was horrible to think about the same guy constantly but she couldn't help it. That was when she heard someone shout her name.


He ran through the airport, shouting her name. He had no idea which airplane she was going to board but he had to find her before they boarded. He simply had. There were things he had to say to her. As he ran he thought he saw her everywhere, her long brown hair was a common thing. But he knew her body would be so skinny he would be able to recognize it. He had to recognize her. He heard fans screams his name, running after him, trying to get pictures and autographs and he didn't care. He couldn't talk to them right now. The only thing he had was to catch Valeriya before she boarded her airplane. Then he saw her mother and waved his hand towards them, shouting her name. He had been practicing his words in english, so he could say them to her. He wanted to say them to her. When he came to them he was panting. Her mother was looking at him with some pills in her hand. Valeriya laid on the chairs with her eyes closed. She looked peaceful. Kyuhyun looked at the pills and had a bad feeling about this. “Is she... Is she awake?” he asked in his broken english, but her mother understood him and nodded. “Can I talk..?” He didn't know how to complete his sentence in english and he felt like an idiot. Fans had been gathering about them. Valeriya nodded her head. “Speak, Kyuhyun.” When he heard his name he turned his attention towards her. “Valeriya.. Please stay here... I'll teach you korean and find a house for you.. Please..” She opened her eyes and looked at her mother. He look anxiously on her mother too. Was she allowed to stay with him or would her parents take her away from him? He stopped in his mind for a second. He sounded like an idiot. Like he was madly in love with her, but he wanted to teach her korean. He wanted to know her. He wanted.. He didn't really know what he wanted expect he wanted her. Her mother smiled and put away the pills, said something in russian to her daugther and got up and took her husbands hand and looked at the two young people. Valeriya smiled, sat up and gave Kyuhyun a hug. “Yes,” she whispered and he smiled and hugged her back.


In the weeks to come Kyuhyun taught Valeriya korean and she taught him some russian. The other bandmembers hated it when they talked russian. Valeriya started to grow feelings for Kyuhyun, feelings she had never felt before. To Kyuhyun it was a surprise how it felt when he touched her soft skin at night when she was asleep. Her acrophobia had gotten better, at least she now was able to enter the apartment without being blindfolded and the curtains didn't have to be down as long as nobody forced her to look outside the window. In a month she talked korean in a way she was able to communicate with the rest of the band, but there were still things she didn't understand.


Valeriya was about to fall asleep when she felt a hand on her cheek. She turned around and saw Kyuhyun who got a shock. “I like you,” he whispered and she answered the only way she knew. With a kiss. At first Kyuhyun got so surprised he was about to push her away, but then he relaxed. Their lips connected in a perfect symphony and he felt his body tense in a special way he had never felt before. What was this feeling? When she let go of him, he hadn't gotten enough and he kissed her again. She let go of him again and smiled. “Now, let me talk..” He looked at her. What was there to say? He was about to say something in return when she put a finger on his lips and shushed on him. It was her turn to speak. “I like you too.” He laughed when he heard her words. Was that it? She smiled and kissed him again, put a hand around his neck and started to massage it. In the livingroom Eunhyuk and Donghae looked at eachother and nodded. Finally the two of them had realized their true feelings. “It was on time.” Eunhyuk said and then looked at the television. Donghae nodded and sighted. “Yeah, he's been a pain in the ass the last couple of days.” Then they looked at eachother and laughed again. He had been a pain in the ass, that wasn't true. The question they had heard the most had been “Do you think she likes me?” and they had started to grow a little tired of it. But now, finally now more questions of that kind.


End of flashback


Kyuhyun looked down the aisle. There were no really guests, only the bandmembers, her parents and his family. Gathered to join the two of them forever. He smiled and felt the nervousness. Yes, he was nervous, he was really really nervous. He sighed and looked at the priest. It was not a traditional korean wedding, she had always wanted a wedding like this, she had told him one evening and he had decided to grant her wish. When she entered the aisle he widened his eyes. She was beautiful. Her white dress made her shine like an angel. She ended up standing right beside him and he grabbed her hand, not even thinking. He just wanted to feel her close. She smiled to him. She was nervous too, it was obvious. Then the priest starting talking, but neither of them heard the words he was saying. Kyuhyun first reacted when he heard his name being mentioned and he instantly said yes. So did Valeriya. And then they kissed. The priest continued his talking but nobody really heard his words. Valeriya and Kyuhyun shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

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