War poetry - A collection.

War. Bloodshed. Battles. Death.

This is a collection of war poetry, both mine and those of famous poets. Don't worry, I have given them credit.



2. Soldiers - an acrostic poem.

S - Scared and helpless, we soldiers are. Just dummies and toys to be used for war.

O - Oh, we have no hope for death is lurking around every corner. Screams of agony and pain surround us, causing discontent to our ears.

L - Large pools of blood form around dead bodies, continuously dripping like a broken tap.

D - Dying friends left on the battle field; for them there is nothing we can do. Tears are brought to my eyes and I'm filled with hate and fiery feelings.

I - Instead of harmony, joy and happiness we have battle, anger and sadness. War is a criminal that cannot be sent to jail. 

E - Endless BOOMS! are heard as canons are sent sprawling across the crimson sky - send sprawling like useless bodies thrown around a cellar.

R - Regrets poison my thoughts. How did I end up in this bloodshed? What did I do to deserve this blood-thirsty monster called war?

S - Soldiers we are and a soldier I will die. I have no hope and fear that I may never see my brothers, sisters, parents and other loved ones again. I am to become a victim of war.

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