War poetry - A collection.

War. Bloodshed. Battles. Death.

This is a collection of war poetry, both mine and those of famous poets. Don't worry, I have given them credit.



1. Oh, so mundane.



Oh, so mundane...

To our places in line we run, Comes each soldier with their gun, Bloody, bony hands grip shovels, Fatigued faces masked with troubles.

Every morning, night and day, We toil, we work, and have no play, Feelings  of danger, fright, and fear, Only grow with the gunshots that I hear.

BANG, BANG! Bullets hunt us down like cops, Screams of agony as a flailing man drops, Blood gushes out from his chest, Trying hard to survive – this was his quest.

Thoughts in my mind continuously churn, Peace and harmony, for this I yearn, But no, luck isn’t on my side, My tears are rivers for those who’ve died.

Sunset comes, it’s the end of the day, All this horror, it’s the Devil’s to pay, I know tomorrow will be the same, For this is my life – oh, so mundane...


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