The Day I Travelled Through Time

13 year old girl, Ivy, finds herself stuck in the year 3012. She meets a young lively girl named Lanie, and together they plan a mission to find out who is really behind the Techs.


1. Somewhere new


As I looked around; the sky was bright blue, though it seemed that only a second ago it was raining. Where is everybody? Why did the walls disappear? I began to panic, why am I on the floor? I must have tripped over....but how? I got up, my head pounding; everything was white, sterile and modern. There also was a smell of paint, lingering through the buildings and climbing up my nose, I started to get a slight headache. The pavement was hard and crooked and the plants were bright green. I could see pretty flowers, shades of violet and indigo, scattered all on the ground. It was like someone had carelessly splattered plaint all over the streets. I seemed to be in the centre of some kind of city, I could see a silver fountain in the middle of a round-a-bout but there wasn’t a sign of any kind of vehicle. The buildings weren’t like anything I’d ever seen before; they were tall and brightly lit, like they were glow in the dark. I started to walk around, I couldn’t spot any sign of a person or living thing, I could hear faint sounds of chatter in the distance. Have I gone through some massive time warp?

I found myself in front of a huge white door that was shaped like an O. There weren’t any handles or sign of some sort of a door bell, so I knocked. The door was hard and metallic; I didn’t think anyone could hear me through all the steel. Just as I was about to walk away, the door shot open and a hand pulled me in.

“What do you think you are doing? It’s late, don’t you know we aren’t supposed to be roaming the streets alone!” An angry girl shouted. She had short brown hair and she looked around my age, she was wearing a beautiful lemon dress with a jacket covering her chest. “Late? The sun is still brightly shining!” I frowned, confused. “Who are you? And how come you don’t obey the rules?” “My name is Ivy and I don’t know how I even got here...I...Remember...” I began to remember climbing into the fake time machine back at the museum but only to find myself here. “Ivy? I see, your just another one of them people who have been brain washed, I’ll help you get back to normal, you must be one of the lucky ones who got out with their name.” What was she on about, brain washed? Is that what happens to people here? I decided not to ask any questions about being ‘brain washed’, so I could learn more about this place, and to save her from all confusion about how I ended up here. “So, Ivy, let’s cut to the chase here, it’s the year 3012, we are controlled be the Techs and we have to be in our stations at 3: pm at the latest!” She took a deep breath in, a puzzled look morphed into her face for just a second, and then she smiled. “Okay?” she huffed. I nodded still pretty baffled. She took me around her ‘station’, which I guess is what they call their houses now. Her station was huge, bright, colourful and techno. I’ve never seen anything like it, not even in my wildest dreams. She took me into her room, hanging on the door there was a sign, and it had the name Lanie written on it, in gold pen. She turned to me “That’s my name, weird right?” She giggled self consciously. “No, I like it, it’s different” I smiled. Then she continued the tour, she showed me her bed, which was hovering 10 inches off the ground. “That is wicked Lanie! I wish I had a bed like this!” I felt it; it was squishy and soft like jelly. “Is it a water bed as well?” I asked, amazed. She looked at me, with that look on her face like she’s saying, seriously? The rest of the room was pretty dull, it was neat, tidy and clean but nothing else that special. The smell of paint was still in the air. We sat down and she handed me some water, it’s good to know they still have water... “So, who exactly are the Techs?” I asked. “No one really knows Ivy; all we know is that there is a man who runs this town with his giant army of droids. He makes all the rules around here and they follow him, he’s like the master.” Lanie shrugged. “So, no one actually knows this guy?” “No, they don’t” “Doesn’t that worry you? Don’t you want to find out who he is?” “Well...I’ve considered going on a mission but-“ “Yes! A mission, oh this is exciting!” I butted in. “No! No, no, no! My parents would never allow it!” “Well, where are they? They don’t even know where you are now, who knows you could be anywhere.” “Well....I suppose but this is a BIG thing and I’ve only just met you and who knows you could be a spy!” “You are right, you hardly know me, I just thought, we could dig deep and find out the truth!” “Okay, fine. Maybe we’ll head off early when the droids are still getting into their vans, but we have to be prepared, we can’t just go out there without a plan.” So we figured out a plan, it was long and very thorough, I could hardly understand a word she was saying because she kept blabbering about all this stuff to do with the Techs and the 745, I had no idea what that was. I began to worry, where were Lanie’s parents and family? Does she live here alone? I didn’t bother asking just in case it was a personal matter.

Suddenly, all the lights went out and so did Lanie. “Lanie! Are you okay?” I shook her about, but she was lying still like a lifeless corpse. I didn’t \panic because that would make things worse so I lay next to her and tried to sleep, hoping I would wake up back at home with Alfie licking my face.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see Alfie, but instead I had a flashlight shinning into my eyes. “Lanie, you should know better! Letting strangers who say they’ve been brain washed into our station!” A deep voice doomed from behind the light. I closed my eyes and rubbed them hard, my vision seemed to be coming back to me and I could see two heads, one was Lanie and one was a man. He was tall, lanky and was wearing nothing but white. “Ivy! Are you alright I’m sooo sorry that I left you there like that, but it’s normal for me.” I got up, my small legs shaking. “Hello Ivy, or shall I say spy!” The man shouted. “What? I’m not a spy at all, I’m new here, and well at least I think I am, I don’t really recall travelling here.” I stuttered. “It’s true dad! She has the black cross at the back of her head” Lanie pointed. Huh? Cross? What? The man demanded me to turn around and lift my long pony tail, so I did. There was an awkward silence then Lanie’s dad patted me on the head. “I’m sorry love, it’s just that, we have to be cautious around here y’know.” He smiled. “Oh, its okay, I understand.” A rush of relief ran through me, glad that they didn’t kick me out. “Call me Mr. Drew” He shook my hand and turned to put his arm around Lanie. He said that I could stay for as long as I wanted, only as long as I followed the rules, which was fine by me but I wasn’t sure whether we could go along with our mission. Mr. Drew said that he had lots of work to do and he disappeared, off into another room. Then it was just us again, me and Lanie sitting on her squishy hover bed. “Lanie why did you, sort of turn off last night?” I turned to her with a puzzled look on my face. “Oh that, it’s what happens. Ever since I was little, when it’s time for the city to shut down, everyone shuts down as well.” Lanie shrugged. “How does that work though? Are the Techs controlling your brains?” “Yeah, I guess you could say that but it’s more about these chips inside us, they control us, y’know what I mean?” I nodded, amazed at all this new stuff, in this new world. I wonder what else is out there; this whole place is just mind-blowing, I’m just speechless. “Oh Ivy, I’ve also got some work to do, so do you mind hanging here or-“Lanie pulled out something that looked like an I phone, only super thin and transparent. “I think I’ll go for a walk if that’s okay, I won’t be long and I know your station number.” I said, resting my hand on the orange door button. “Alright, see you soon! Oh and don’t do anything silly, I don’t want to be cleaning up your mess.” I nodded and walked out of the door and out into the bustling streets.

It was freezing! The flowers had disappeared and all the green trees had died out. I could see more people; they all wore warm and cosy attire, while I was wearing my denim shorts and a T-shirt. All of a sudden I felt so embarrassed and out of place, it suddenly became so obvious that I was an outsider. No one seemed to notice me; I was like a ghost haunting this new city. I looked at all the other people, their eyes shifting and their faces were vacant, and you couldn’t read them at all. Then I began to feel like I was the one that was alive and that these people were the ghosts. I spotted one the droids, they looked cold and mean, but I guess no robots ever look very nice and friendly these days. I continued walking, and I sat myself down on the cold metal of the fountain’s edge. I felt the icy water and peered in, looking at my reflection. Then suddenly I fell in. I was falling deeper and deeper and I began to lose myself.  

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