My Day at the Temple: Phnom Chisor


1. My Day

When we finally arrived at Phnom Chisor, the smell of dirt strolled up into my nostrils. I walked outside and the humidity infected my body like a virus. The sun’s rays slapped the back of my neck leaving a burning mark on my skin. We got to the steps and paused; we all looked up and observed our monstrous climb. Quickly the feeling of defeat spread throughout our group. Half way up there was a small shelter which was now flooded with sweat. Eventually we arrived at the top of 375 steps. As we walked to the temple I saw a pond, it was full of green palette like lily pads, but right in the middle there was one tall beautiful lotus boasting about how exquisite it was.

 When we got to the view I was flabbergasted… it was absolutely breathtaking! I had never seen such an unbelievable site. The enchanting view was like a quilt of greenery. There were lush trees seeing who could reach highest, there was a huge chocolate brown mountain in the distance and there was a path leading down to an mysterious and ancient ruin.

 We turned around, and standing there, waiting for us, was the most stunning temple I have ever seen! He stood tall and proud, looking like nothing could knock him down. We walked inside through a rusty rectangle opening.

 Inside, the temple was gorgeous! There were a few small plants and quite a light green grass spreading along the dusty floor. There were amazing temples with phenomenal brick work surrounding them. I couldn’t compare any site I had seen on that day. We stopped to have an apple and I looked around taking in the atmosphere, finding myself almost falling asleep because of how peaceful it was to sit there. I felt privileged to be in such a pagoda.

 When it was time to go back I strolled down the stairs with ease saying some silent goodbyes to the temple. It was much easier going down because I didn’t have to work as much. When we got back down the 375 steps we stopped to have lunch, before we got back on the air coned bus. We were all parched for a drink of cold water, so we quickly ate lunch and left. But I have a feeling I will never forget that place nor the people I was with.

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