The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


3. Them

Walking along the halls, I must have looked like a clown – I was sure that a whopping smile had permanently set itself up on my face. Heads nodded at me in congratulation and I tried to keep my cool as I nodded back, grin still on my face. However, when I reached the ocean blue doors of the VIP infirmary, realisation flooded through me and washed away my grin. What was I doing? I had not even learned anything about these creatures, other than the fact that they were right on the brink of extinction.

Come in – we know you are there. You seem peaceful; we will not harm you.

Whoa! Whipping my head back and forth, I checked to see if anyone had said anything. However, there was no one there; I was on my own.

It is us – the new species your kind has discovered. We are inside.

Was I hallucinating? There was no way I could be hearing these voices in my head but nonetheless, I took out my identification card and waited for the door to scan it. Nervousness invaded my body and my hands controlled themselves, fidgeting with my lab coat. As the doors slid open I closed my eyes and stepped inside, taking in a small peek before allowing myself to open my eyes.  

I glanced around the room but this wasn’t what I expected at all – there was nothing in the room, it was completely empty bare with not a soul in sight. I took another step, then another as I examined the room. When I was near the bed, I shivered slightly. A colourful bubble emerged, first tiny and then it grew until a side touched my shoes. POP! The bubble made a soft popping noise which caught me off guard and I fell back, a meter away from where I had stood before. I shielded my eyes as a bright light shone fiercely, filling the room with shadows of the furniture. Cautiously bringing my hands back to my side, I gaped at the two creatures in front of me; my mouth shaped into an O and wide enough for bugs to get into.

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