The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


6. The twist

I awoke to the sound of applause and saw my entire class cheering. This was why I loved History classes; my class and I would get to go on the Pretender and act as though we were humans. Whilst doing this, we always learned about the human race and they seemed really interesting. Too bad they had become extinct some 30 years ago after their blue planet collided with a massive asteroid.

I jumped off my chair and my light green tentacles hovered above the air as I headed back towards my chair. In a way it was good to be back in the real world, the Gaia world where it was inhibited by us, the light green creatures with tentacles. We are the only life forms in the universe because after all, humans don’t exist anymore, do they?

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