The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


5. The solution

Bertram closed the door to the upper lab and cried out, “Cloning! That’s our solution; we are going to clone Evan and Galena. We will make more of them and stop them from being on the brink of extinction!”

It took me a while to finally register what he had just said but as it slowly sank in, I was feeling happy. Imagine that, more of Evan and Galena’s species and more chances for the human race to interact with them.

“Wow, wow, wow! Yes, with our much more advanced technology we could clone them! We should get started soon!” I exclaimed.

“As a matter of fact, we are going to start now. From earlier in the day, I had taken some of their DNA and stored it in those test tubes over there. Can you get them?” he asked me.

I headed over to the metallic shelf and examined the labels of the test tubes before finding the one I needed marked with Intelligent Life-form DNA. I carried them carefully over to the polished counter on the far side of the room, “Here they are but how are we going to clone them? I don’t think we have a cloning device, do we?” I asked him.

I don’t know why but for some reason, this question placed a smile on his face, “As a matter of fact, we do have a cloning machine. I have kept it secretly in this room for safety reasons; it won’t be good if it gets in the wrong hands!” Bertram skipped over to a curtain and pulled out a safe – why had I noticed that? When he entered the password the safe’s door popped open and inside was the cloning device.

The machine was not what I had expected; on one side there was an open tube which intertwined with other tubes that lead to a transparent can big enough for the life forms. Motioning for me to come over, Bertram poured the DNA into the machine which whirred to life. Bubbles fizzed and there was a slight buzzing noise but after that, a cloud of light green started to form in the can. It kept growing bigger until it started to look a lot like Evan and Galena. The body parts started forming and the tentacles kept growing until it was crammed in the can. My feet were glued to the spot and my eyes were large and focused on the wonders before me.

“Ajax, can you press that red button? It will stop the machine and let the life form finish moulding itself,” Bertram instructed me with an excited tone in his voice. At the sound of his voice, I snapped out of my daze and urged my feet to make their way towards the red button. Just as my index finger was about to touch the button, I heard clicking noises and my head started spinning causing me to slump down on the floor.

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