The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


2. News

“Thanks, Ajax. I couldn’t have gotten that mess together if you hadn’t rushed over,” Bertram thanked me.

“Oh, it’s no problem. Anyway, you rang my alarm button?” I asked him, slightly exhausted from rushing around.

“Right, just yesterday the Finders found what we never could have dreamed of finding – another intelligent life form. The two creatures are the last of their kind. We need some of our best doctors in the VIP infirmary, that’s where we have kept them. Here is where you come in; I want you to be the head doctor there,” Bertram informed me.

After hearing that, I felt two different emotions; I was honoured and excited. This was one of my biggest dreams; I had always wanted to be the head doctor of the VIP infirmary. To top that, I was going to be in there with two other intelligent life forms, “Oh, wow! That’s great; I can’t wait to interact with them!” I cried out, now filled with energy. My body was fizzing, like a carbon filled soft drink as I thanked Bertram and headed to the VIP infirmary.

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