The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


4. Gettting to know them

The intelligent life forms had emerged from nowhere and were now floating above the bed. Their arms, or should I say tentacles, were waving around like swimmers treading water. They were light green in colour and only as big as golden retrievers; their eyes were glistening pools of water and a mouth much like mine but green and without teeth. Their bodies were jelly like and looked as though they could fit through anything.

The creature on the right side held a tentacle as if to greet me. In return I lifted up my hand and realised that I was still on the floor. I stood up and cautiously walked towards the creatures.

“Uh, hi. I,” I gestured to myself, “am Ajax. That’s my name. What’s yours?” I asked, this time gesturing to them.

The shorter and female’s body shook and made she a gurgling sound with its mouth, “My name is Galena and dear human, we are more intelligent than your species seem to think. In fact, we are more advanced than you might be, not technology wise though. Evan and I,” she waved her tentacle to the other alien, “are able to send messages and read other people’s minds. It’s called telepathy which I think you might know,” she continued.

“Wait, you can talk? Wow, that’s great! Do you know how cool it is to be able to talk to you? You are the first evidence of life in outer space, other than on my planet,” I cried out, my excitement getting the better of me.

“Ah, yes. Earth – the blue planet. We’ve always wanted to drop in there but we figured that you humans wouldn’t take it too well. However, it looks like you’ve found us instead and not the other way around,” Evan joked.

“Yes. I was wondering...Could you tell me about your planet and species?” I asked them, curious to find the most I could.

“Yes, I would like to tell you about our planet, Rocheux. However, someone will want to talk to you. I would like to tell you about it some other time,” Galena informed me and pointed at the door with her tentacle.

Slightly confused, I turned around and looked at the door just as it slid open. Standing outside and in high spirits was Bertram in his stained uniform, “Ajax, I knew I would find you here. It seems that you have already had a chance to communicate with the two life forms,” he observed.

“Oh, you mean Evan and Galena. Yes, I’ve had a small opportunity to talk to them; I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to work with them,” I replied happily.

“That’s good. With my plan you will most definitely be able to interact more often with their species. Come with me to the upper lab,” Bertram told me, his eyes bright like stars.

Puzzled but curious, I turned around and waved at Evan and Galena before following Bertram out of the VIP infirmary. I was a dog trailing after my master, following Bertram past busy and occupied staff towards the travelling cylinder; it was a long cylinder reaching the upper floor that could fit at least five people. Once we stepped inside the travelling cylinder, it whipped us up to the next level.

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