The Cloning

Wrote this story for class. It's a science fiction story about aliens and cloning. Hope you enjoy.


1. Through space

Swoosh! My knuckles turned pale as I gripped the handle bars tighter; I promised myself that I wouldn’t let go whilst our mother-ship was still ferociously zooming past asteroids. Looking outside the tinted window, I felt nauseous as my eyes caught only glimpses of the asteroids, distant stars and planets. Traveling across galaxies with the newest and most advanced ship was never easy and each experience left me fascinated and very queasy. This was no breezy walk at the cloud park or a casual skate at the ice skating ring.  I shut my eyes and inhaled the smell of medicine in the ship’s infirmary; I had a weak stomach and was trying really hard not to vomit.

I had lost track of time but after what seemed like hours, relief flooded through my body and I could again feel my blood pumping. Slumping down on a nearby chair, I tried to catch my breath but was interrupted by a buzzing in my front pocket – the alarm. Groaning, I pulled myself up and darted past the bustling halls. The halls, at first glance, may seem like any other hall but no, the walls were indestructible and had lasers lining the top and bottom. Anyone who happened to be caught sneaking around at night had better be careful because of the lasers - they were extremely high technology.

I threw open the door to the head doctor’s door and glanced around; hovering tables and chairs had slipped from their hovering belts and were now turned over; masks and gowns lay crumpled on the floor like crippled men. I fell forward as a sudden jolt brought books, pens and other stationary sprawling across the slippery polished floor. The head doctor, Bertram, was rushing from corner to corner trying to catch his precious space medals. A panicked look was fixed upon his face like carvings engraved on rocks.

I hurried over to help him put back the things in order; gowns and masks clinging with their static to the colour changing wall which was now light green, and tables and chairs back in their hover belts. Pressing a jelly coated button which smelled oddly of fish, the books, pens and stationary floated back to their shelves like obedient children. Right above the button was an electronic window in which I could take photographs of the planets, stars and galaxies we passed. This had been the latest invention of the technology group and it had proved to be quite helpful.

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