Creatures On The Moon

The story of giant bug like things take over the world can anyone stop them


3. We have a Mission


 After about an hour or two my friend Joseph turned up. Joseph was a tall man, about 8 inches taller than me. He had freckles that made him look like a teenager and long boney fingers that made him look like a grandma. I welcomed him in and offered him some coffee, but he told me there was no time. He said “I have some good news and some bad.”I could tell he got here as fast as he could because he was panting more than a man after a marathon.  “Bad news is that the pro astronauts mysteriously disappeared when they were on the moon replacing the broken camera robot,” I tried to interrupt but he wouldn’t let me “but the good news is that we get to replace them!”There was a long silence. Then suddenly me and Joseph shouted and started doing a little happy dance. I stopped and gained my composure back. “Does John know?”I asked. “Not yet” he replied “I thought he was here and I could break the news to you and…”but before he could finish his sentence John burst through the door like a speeding train shouting “WE GOT A MISSION!!!” That made me and Joseph jump out of our skins. We shouted back at him in frustration “WE KNOW!”This made John fall over. You see John was a clumsy man. He was the shortest out of us three, but could run the as fast as cheetah chasing its prey. It was a good thing too that he could run so fast because his dog Hugo ran like humming bird soaring through the air. However, Hugo didn’t look as graceful as one. He was as clumsy as his master and had almost been run over 14 times! Yes… 14! Like owner like dog, I guess…

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