Creatures On The Moon

The story of giant bug like things take over the world can anyone stop them


4. Taking off

 Anyway, we got told to go to the space station in a month ready for our mission. During that month we went to the astronaut training center for some intense preparation. But nothing could have prepared us for what we would have to deal with. They showed us how to set up the small camera robot and how much air pressure there would be on us when we took off. To do that we went on a spinning machine that made us feel nauseous. Joseph spun so fast that some of his freckles crawled inside his skin to hide.

 Finally the big day came we said our goodbyes and were now ready to go to the moon. We strolled inside the rocket thinking we were ready for anything the moon could throw at us. How wrong we were. We heard the countdown and at 5 it felt like the butterflies had broken through my stomach and were flying around the room…4…”uh”…3…”um”..2…”I changed my mind I don’t want to…1. It was too late we had taken off already.

 I looked over quickly at John, he was crying! Then I looked at Joseph, and the rest of his freckles had disappeared! I looked out through the front screen of the rocket. I was scared! Then the rocket started to slow down! Was it out of fuel were we going to crash? Thankfully I was wrong; all that happened was that we had just left the atmosphere. Soon a metallic voice said “It is now safe to move around the ship.” I rapidly pulled out of my chair but the other two sat there in awe. I tried to laugh but I think I had swallowed my voice in the blastoff. I went to unpack my stuff and when I came back I saw John and Joseph trying to swim after skittles. 

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