Creatures On The Moon

The story of giant bug like things take over the world can anyone stop them


5. On the moon we met them

 After four weeks we could finally see the moon close up. It was beautiful! I got the robot ready so when we landed me and John could run out and place it quickly. You see even though the moon was beautiful and I would love nothing more than to jump about on it, I was petrified of what could happen. John and Joseph weren’t scared though they kept trying to reassure me that nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately though everything went wrong.

 We landed steadily and slowly. Joseph was a careful driver because of his bad accident back in 2090. He was really drunk, because of a New Years Eve party that we all went to, and drove home in his rusty old Volkswagen but on the way home he ran in to a truck. Joseph broke his knee and fractured his pelvis. They told the active man that he had to stay in hospital for one whole month. After that incident Joseph swore to drive safely.  

 I looked out of the oval shaped window. I could see the never ending darkness of the moon. When I gave the signal Joseph opened the hatch for us. John gracefully hopped out while I was trying to run to the point where we had to place the robot. After I had successfully set up the camera robot I heard an ear piercing scream! I turned around. John had fallen into a crater! I was about to sprint over and check if he was alright until I heard a little chuckle. “John how dare you play an evil trick on me like that! You got me scared! I thought you were dead!”I shouted. “Oh I’m not dead…”a low husky voice said “…but John is!”I gasped as an astronaut rose from the crater. The only difference was that inside the visor was a man with no nose, no eyes and no ears. “What are you!?”I squeaked. “We are the human races worst nightmare; we are what everyone is scared of! We are the creatures on the moon!”Suddenly a tsunami, of what looked like, giant woodlice scattered out of the crater and after me. The cold voice spoke again “We have been creating an army all of these years so we could take over the earth one day. That day is today! You see while we were having our little chat, my minions were collecting all of your fuel so we could fly.”I turned around realizing that Joseph was inside meaning… unfortunately I was right. Out of the rocket walked another human suited alien. My heart dropped. Was this the end! Then I spotted one of their space crafts and realised that if they were going to invade today, but hadn’t taken off yet, then their spacecrafts must be able to get me back to earth, quickly, so I can warn everyone to get in the emergency pods that will take us to Jupiter.  Jupiter was the human races back up planet. This was because it had a breathable environment and the gravity was only two G’s higher than ours so we could walk easily around there. I ran over to the spacecraft and wacked loads of colourful buttons. They beeped and just before the aliens could touch me I was teleported to earth!

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