Creatures On The Moon

The story of giant bug like things take over the world can anyone stop them


2. My Life

I woke up at 5 in the morning and looked around my dull boring room. I didn’t have much; only some clothes, a bed and a TV. I would have redecorated, but I was a little short on money. You see my job was a back up astronaut, meaning if something happened to one of the professionals I would be next in line. Unfortunately though an astronaut hasn’t retired in 10 years, so I’m not really earning much money (it also means I haven’t gone to work in a long time but don’t tell my parents that). I live in a small blue apartment block in the middle of New York. It’s as loud as a thousand people playing a thousand drums twenty four seven, that’s really annoying.

Next I get out of bed like always do, then I eat a bowl of cornflakes like I always do, after that I watch TV like I always do and wait for my friends to show up like they always do.  My friends and I met in kindergarten and now we all had the same job, meaning we’re all broke. I know it seems like I have a dull life but… actually yeah I do have quite a boring life.

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