Creatures On The Moon

The story of giant bug like things take over the world can anyone stop them


6. My Life Now


I ran to the space station and told them about everything. The commander pushed a small disguised button that was lying on a panel waiting for its time to activate. Before I knew it the whole world was screaming like a siren! Everywhere in the world people were running! Footsteps hit the floor like thunder. Everyone was trying to get on to the ships because thousands would have to wait for the next ships, meaning quite a lot of people would die during the invasion. I didn’t get on one of the ships because I had no transport to get to the ships. Almost straight after the huge shiny ships left lots of small pods appeared on the earth’s crust. Suddenly, millions of the small bug like creatures crawled out and the terror began. They leaped onto people’s heads and crawled inside. After a few seconds the human’s eyes, nose and ears all disappeared. I ran into an abandoned building. That’s where I have lived for five years still hoping and waiting for more ships to pick me and the remaining humans up.      

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