How could you!

This story is about a girl named Maxie, who is terribly in love with a boy named James! They have been in the same class for over 6 years! But unfortunately Maxie is too shy to approach him and becomes nervous when the teacher sits them together in class! But when half term approaches she over hears some of his friends saying how much James likes Maxie! This comes as such a shock to Maxie that she faints as all the blood rushes to her head in excitement! As she does so she bangs her head solidly onto the concrete ground unconscious!
When she finally wakes up in the hospital she is greeted by both of her parents and to her surprised James! At that moment James decides to bravely ask out Maxie and Maxie gives him a positive yes! But yet does she know that James is not all as he seems! When he starts hitting her and asking for money to buy drugs and achol! How will she get out of this mess? And will she ever?


2. English test

Maxie took her place in Mrs Flures english class for her test today. When everyone was settled the test papers were handed out. 'Noooooooo' Maxie shouted out unaware of how loud she really did shout! 'Is there anything the matter Maxie, you seem aggitated today?' Mrs Flures asked her. 'No Mrs Flures, sorry Mrs Flures' replied Maxie. Mrs Flures clapped her hands suddenly! 'Children pick up our pens - get ready - you may now start your test' Maxie struggled on the test today! The writing task it was! You had to write a script about a teenage boy who wants a part time job, but the parent does not want him to get the job. You must create the text in perfect spelling and puntuation.
Now if any of you knew Maxie personally, she was quite the little English nerd, never got a question wrong! But today was different - something wasn't right today! And i think that Maxie's special day has took a turn for the worst!
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