How could you!

This story is about a girl named Maxie, who is terribly in love with a boy named James! They have been in the same class for over 6 years! But unfortunately Maxie is too shy to approach him and becomes nervous when the teacher sits them together in class! But when half term approaches she over hears some of his friends saying how much James likes Maxie! This comes as such a shock to Maxie that she faints as all the blood rushes to her head in excitement! As she does so she bangs her head solidly onto the concrete ground unconscious!
When she finally wakes up in the hospital she is greeted by both of her parents and to her surprised James! At that moment James decides to bravely ask out Maxie and Maxie gives him a positive yes! But yet does she know that James is not all as he seems! When he starts hitting her and asking for money to buy drugs and achol! How will she get out of this mess? And will she ever?


1. Special day

Maxie got up early this morning because today was her special day! It wasn't her birthday, or Christmas! It was just that - well! She knew it was going to be a special day. 'Maxie go back to bed; it's 6:00 am.' moaned her mum. 'Mum I cant it's a special day today and I'm too excited!' answered Maxie. 'Fine - wait why is it a special day today?' shouted her mum from the bathroom! 'I don't know it's just special to me!' replied Maxie! 'Well whatever you do,don't wake your dad!' Emphsised mum.
Maxie quickly got dressed in her school uniform; a white polo shirt, red jumper and a short black skirt; and quickly ran out of the door ready to catch the local bus. The bus made six stops before it dropped her off at school, where she paid the driver the bus fee of £1.50. She hopped off the bus with great glee when she found herself face to face with her best mate Jess! 'Your early today!' Jess said 'You wouldnt belive this Jess but i feel sooo happy today, its like im a completely different person today' replied Maxie. 'Well i hope you embrace your happiness while you can, because we've got a english test this morning' moaned Jess. 'Oh man' Maxie said feeling frustrated!
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