Beautiful Patterns on the Skin

This is another poem I did for a friend. Yes I know I'm that amazing that I did another for a different friend who was self harming which I was shocked about but tried to help her as much as possible. And yes I know all my friends seem like weirdos but I suppose they are! xx


1. Beautiful Patterns on the Skin

Grasping your hand for me to hold,

Wearing your grey and blue sweatshirt discreetly bold,

You're worn out eyes and your long brown hair,

If not asked but always there


The painful scars like beautiful patterns on the skin,

Worried that she's not as thin,

Her face a mask that fooled us all,

Sometimes felt we used as a tool


The engravings on flesh to express her fears,

She feels like she needs to blind her peers,

This girl doesn't understand the essence of her soul,

Burning bright while the other ones dull


These memories she hides from will fade with the scars,

Hopefully she finds herself before she ends up barred,

Her head will be above the water,

So she won't feel like she's going up for slaughter


The girl in the grey and blue sweatshirt discreetly bold,

Your eyes will soon have life instead of cold!

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