Life with no pain

Fandt den her på min computer.
Kan faktisk ikke engang huske jeg skrev den, så det må være længe siden.. :-)
Men det er en kort historie om en pige der ingenting føler i hendes liv. En dag bliver hun forført af en drillende sjæl der fortæller hende det nok skal gå hvis hun gør hvad sjælen fortæller hende. Men efterfølgende fortæller sjælen at det er forkert at tage genveje og man skal selv gøre sit liv til det man ville gøre det til :-)
Nyd den


1. Novellen: Life with no pain

There was upon a 13 time, a little girl there didn’t havea name or any friends. Every boy and girl in the city thinks that she

was a weird girl. They were scared of here.

The little girl with no name didn’t understand why people was scared of

her. What did she do to them? They didn’t know here so how could

they be scared of her? The little girl with no name didn’t have any

parents. She lived alone in her heart and head.

Every evening there was hot food at the table and a warm bed.

When she was a little girl here parents ‘’died’’

after that, a white car with red lights came. Two big men, put

her in the car. There was lots of pillows in it. They drive away with

her. She always said out in the air, ‘’even if my parents is dead,

 i will always have you in my life in this white box’’

One day when the little girl sit on her chair in the white box,

She hear, a calm and lovely voice. It was warm and filled with

the love that she never gets anymore. The voice said good things, like

she will come to paradis with her parents and live there forever.

She did what the warm voice said.

It was cold and wet! But the voice said she need to do it. So she did it.

Now it was cold from here food to her neck. The voice tell her to go,

the last way and get here head under. The girl without a name did it.

 It was over here head the cold and wet.

The things slowly get dark. All the problems, all the hate, the rest of here

pity life was slowly flowing away down by the lake. Everything was

getting dark. Now she was happy, but. Where is here parents? And where

is the paradis? She couldn’t see it. Where was the love? The Happiness?

The life? It was down by the lake. Flowing with the stream. But she

couldn’t see it. It was all gone. Gone forever. Including hereself.

''The paradise in your head is an amazing place. Buy what do you know

about it? Is it relly so beautiful as every books says?

No. Well it is beautiful. But what would you say, to go around for more

than 1000 years, with no heart, no souls, no everything?  The paradise is

an hell. There is no beauty, if you dont want to see it. If you want some good things in your life, you

need to make it by yourself. Nothing is free. It is not easy, and It take long time to make it. Long time to make the life.

 But don’t give up your life. Live your life. Get the best out of it.

Try too make it good. But, sometimes it is easier to make a cut. Right?

Why don’t you try it? A little cut to the cold water. And It is over fast, and

you get the peace in your ‘’life’’ that you need. Com let’s do it together…''

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