Playing The Celebrity

A short story I made for the Bliss competition. Please review and tell me if I can improve (the story has to be 300 words, so that is why it is so short!)


1. Playing The Celebrity


 Grabbing the camera, I yelled goodbye to my dad, and left. News had it that Lucas Carter was just down the road at Starbucks.   This was my life. I was forever rushing off, but I had a very good reason to. Because I was the only one in my family that earned the money. There was me, my dad and my little brother. My dad was unemployed, and my brother was three. My mother had left when I was twelve. She was now living in Spain with her new husband. Well, that's what she'd told me in my birthday letter. l didn't care. We managed fine without her.  Main question. How would a fifteen year old be able to earn enough money to raise a family? Well, I took photo's.  Some may call me nosy. Some may call me rude. Most call me a paparazzi. I wasn't bothered what other people called me. But Lucas Carter would earn me lots of money.  I'll be surprised if you hadn't heard of him yet. Everyone has. He's that famous actor. The one that's usually found on posters in teen girls bedrooms.  He used to go to my school. I used to talk to him quite a lot. Maybe a bit too much. I can remember him walking around the school, acting like he owned the place. He was a player. There was no other word to describe him. He had a different girl hanging onto his arm each week. I caught his eye as I entered Starbucks. He glared at me. A startled face. Straight into the camera. This was going to be priceless.  But what would you of expected him to do? After all, he'd just seen the girl who had played him. Yes, that's right. I had played the player.
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