Weather Warning

Liza's family is being wreched apart by her parent's arguements. When a sudden natrual disaster attacks Liza's household two out of the three inhabitants are killed, who survived...?


2. The Simple Middle

Liza’s parents had fallen silent, the dire silence frightened her, so she began frantically flicking through the channels once again, as if like a paranoid-mental-patient. At that moment something caught her eye. She saw in flashing red text the words ‘Weather warning: Tohidadho.’ Liza approached the screen and listened intently to the reporter.

“Tohidadho’s coastal censors have been sending signals for a tsunami. The researchers have found it has a seventy percent possibility of arriving in the period of the next three days. Many residents have evacuated the area. However, North Tohidadho’s roads are blocked so evacuating teams have not yet reached there.” The reporter explained, Liza wide eyed grabbed her map from her bedside table. She scanned the roads to look for hers. There she saw a bold letter N above her street, she was in North Tohidadho, and she needed to evacuate! All of a sudden the atmosphere dampened, Liza felt her heart start to race.

With great fear and trepidation she ran to her weeping husband. Marianne, Liza’s mother was sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands. “Mother! Mother! The news said that...” she began exclaiming. Before she could finish her sentence her mother looked up and whispered “Not now Liza, I’m not feeling well.” Like a ghost Marianne got up and made her way to her bedroom. Liza was getting increasingly worried; her last hope was to tell her father.

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