Weather Warning

Liza's family is being wreched apart by her parent's arguements. When a sudden natrual disaster attacks Liza's household two out of the three inhabitants are killed, who survived...?


3. The Simple End

Liza ran with great desperation to her frustrated father. He was swearing and smashing plates in the kitchen. Liza was shocked to see her father this way, it frightened her. The stress from the tsunami warning and the overwhelming pain from her crumbling family were too much to handle. Bang! Liza fell to the floor. Her father rushed to her side and carried his unconscious daughter to the sofa.

When Liza came to she saw her parents crouched over her. While she had their attention she informed them about the weather warning, in a mixture of mumbles and frantic incoherent sentences. Still they understood. Her father looked outside, all their neighbours had already left, this fact just occurred to them even they had been somewhat aware that they were gone already.

“We got to go! I’ll start the car...” Liza’s father began but she stopped him almost instantaneously.

“The roads are blocked! Dad, we have to take the train or something.” She cried out.

“But how will we get to the station then?” Marianne enquired.

“Well we can’t drive, it’s too far to walk, especially in this weather, it’s pouring down.” Her father recited.

“Let’s try the car” Liza suggested. They all to the convertible. Liza’s father turned the key, the engine spluttered then fell silent. They looked at each other, without saying anything they all knew hope was lost, and trudged back inside. Liza’s mother tried calling for a rescue team, but the phone lines fell silent.

The weather began turning violent. The wind grew wild, blowing trees and cars to and fro. The tsunami’s coming had brought along other weather hazards. Knowing the inevitable a deafening, ominous absence of sound haunted the house. Liza’s mother, Marianne, tried walking to the station but not ten steps from the front door she was hit by a flying plank, off a picket fence they all admired then they first arrived. Once she was hit she never got up. Liza just saw a limp body in the middle of the road.

The next day a terrible roar ran through Tohidadho. The ocean swept up the city, like a monstrous hand. Nothing remained intact. Due to a successful evacuation only all but two resident were found reported deceased. One survivor who was stuck in their house when the tsunami came, tells us how they watched their loved ones die...”


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