Weather Warning

Liza's family is being wreched apart by her parent's arguements. When a sudden natrual disaster attacks Liza's household two out of the three inhabitants are killed, who survived...?


1. The Simple Start

There never was or ever had been a neighbourhood as serene as Tohidadho. In Tohidadho all the residents were acquainted with each other, no conflicts, nor unrest had ever taken presence in such as place. It was truly picture perfect. Or was it really? No one could vouch for the happenings behind closed doors.

Liza was thirteen the year of the storm; the previous twelve years of her life had been quite pleasant, in fact inauspicious free of any abnormalities. However once Liza turned thirteen her parent’s once solid marriage dilapidated. Liza often lay on her bed, her head buried in her tear stained pillow. She couldn’t bear to hear her family breaking apart, she couldn’t bear to watch her joyful life slip from her grasp.

“How could you? You knew how I felt about you hiring you ex-girlfriend as your secretary! You knew, yet you went against my wishes.” Liza heard her mother cry.

“It is strictly professional, Marianne! She was the most qualifies.” Her father defended.

Before she could hear anymore of the argument she turned on her television and blankly flipped through the channels. She was not interested in any of the programmes; she just needed something, anything to drown out her parent’s screaming.

Liza ran through her memories. Thinking back to just six months ago when they moved to Tohidadho. As they drove into their new driveway a smile spread across each one of their faces. Just the sight of the tall, gallant palm trees, to white picket fences lining the bright green lawns, welcomed them. Liza remembered noticing how even the pavement was laid down perfectly with red bricks. Tohidadho was a sample of heaven, so she thought.



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