A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


16. Amity XV


I rolled my eyes at her as she left before I the thought wedged into my brain what if Alisa and Jen are actually friends?! The thought sounded weird in my mind and yet I didn’t find it as hard to believe as I thought I would. I stared at her or a long time before I noticed something else “oh my flipping pancakes on a toaster, you have a blood shot eye” Jen took quick reaction to this. She straightened her back and took locks of her hair. One. By. One. To cover the right side of her face, then her face dropped again “it’s fine; I’ll go Goth for today”. Being Goth was frowned upon in Candor; I hardly knew what it meant until a few months ago when my big sister came from Dauntless to visit us in Candor.

No one knew, but I had a big sister named Jennifer. She left for Dauntless when she was little, three and a half but, children that age have what’s called “child amnesia”. So I didn’t remember a lot, but I know what she looks like now. She actually looks a bit like Jen...Jennifer’s nick name in Dauntless was Goth Duck. She told me why, when she joined dauntless, apparently there is a big pit of rapids there and she was dared to jump into it. She did just that...well not really. She stole a boat from someone when they weren’t looking; she was still chased by him though. She threw the boat in the rapids and jumped in after, as she went down the rapids she shouted QUACK like a duck. But then after that she kinda...broke a few bones...she was in intensive care for a long, long, long time. That just shows what dauntless are capable of. “Back to the dorms now” Haley said in a chirpy voice.

When we entered back to the dorms Jen stared at me with a face that gave a happy impression. “Come on, cheer up!” she gave me a friendly punch in the arm and smiled “were gonna party, and party hard tonight!” she almost yelled, she started bouncing on the side of the bed (while sitting down) next to me, she seemed pretty happy about it all. I was still in natural mode- a blank face covering me. She climbed onto her bed, shaking mine as she did. I heard a few shakes from above “just what in the world of green lamas with squashed sandwiches are you doing?” I said, turning my head upwards to face the underneath of Jen’s bed. I heard a mutter from her “I’m getting something for you” she said, I bet she still had that happy smile on her face. She lifted the mattress above my head –her mattress- for a while I heard small shuffling. Then, a knife dropped from above, landing behind me. I screamed and ran to the middle of the room “oh shit, my knife” Jen said, she leaned out of the bed so her head was dropping down her bed, but not her body. “Oh. Shit. Sorry” there was silence in the room for a while “would it be rude to ask if you would pass the knife to me?” I stared at her and dropped my eye brows, I opened my mouth to say something, nothing but silence came out. Someone was screeching from outside “and now the moment we have all been waiting for- drum roll please!” a girl voice said, muffled by the door. The door blurted open to show a girl wearing a red tank top and brighter red mini skirt, Moon. “PLEASE, PLEASE...hold your applause” she said and held her hands up in the air. Her expression dropped and she sat down my bed, me and Jen both knew what was going to happen next, “AHHHHH” Moon screamed, she removed herself from the bed and showed a blood stained bed sheet along with a long blood stained cut across the left hand to match, lovely.

“Why would you even have a knife in your holy fucking room?!” Moon said, swiftly turning to Jen, it was clear to every Amity new comer that if anyone had a weapon, it would be Jen. “Hello, O” Alisa said then, she quietly came through the door; I was still half scared to death. “O is your blood type remember?” Alisa said before going into an eerie trance. Her mouth began to drool, she was staring at Moon’s hand, her blood stained hand. “May I see your hand, Erin?” Alisa said, she was talking to Moon, her proper name was Erin, Moon was just a nickname. Moon slowly put her hand towards Alisa. Alisa grabbed it by the edges and pulled her head forward and stuck out her tongue before giving it a large lick up to the fingers. Moon yelped in pain and grabbed back her hand quickly. Alisa sat back in a trance she smiled “You’re a B+” Alisa chirped happily. “Be positive? NO, YOU JUST DRANK MY BLOOD WHAT, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Moon yelled “what is wrong with b+? Why are so shocked, are you disgraced by your blood type, have others told you it might the blood type of the demons?” Alisa smiled then laughed.

Before anyone could talk again I interrupted “Look, Moon. I’ll take you to first aid” I said. Jen’s eyes went into shock “no ,no ,no ,no you can’t do that” Jen said, her eyes pleading, “No, no, no then they will find out I have guns” my head swerved to see Jen “guns?” I paused “so it’s not just knives?” I said, I tried to pull a fake smile. Alisa’s smile was still pulled tightly in the background. “Jen...” I paused but what I wanted to say was ‘STOP BEING SO DAULTESS AND START ACTING AMITY, FOR GODS SAKE, WHAT WILL I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!’ Jen sat with a guilty face, it was like I had just yelled at her...still why did she bring a knife and how did she get in with that? The questions filled my head. 

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