A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


15. Amity XIV


After the simulations and everyone was done, I ended up trudging behind Jen, she was fine now just a bit uneasy with walking at some times. It was a long quiet walk, Albert was talking to a boy he was featured with golden ginger hair with a fringe that flipped to one side of his perfectly defined face, dark chocolate brown eyes along with black pupils that showed a sparkle. I could see him flipping his face back to me every so often to look at me because he knew I was staring. Jen looked over at me “do you like him?” she asked reaching one of her arms around to flip the left side of her hair behind her ear “No, he’s just...” I began to stutter, I was completely lost for words, like they had been sucked out of me. “Never mind” Jen interrupted and flashed a smile towards Albert who had looked back at us.

When we got off the hill, we were all lost for breath as the sun was beginning to cross its way halfway around the sky, the sky was clear that day with no clouds apart from small puffs in the distance. “Right, I hope everyone is ready” Haley said through her panting breaths.

She began to walk again and everyone let out a sigh. I hadn’t a foggy idea of what was going on, it might have just been because I was still slightly dizzy from the walk down. We entered a blue room with white marble floors, the test scores were sitting on a black board in yellow chalk.

1.  1.Alisa Helthwith

2.2.Amy Cook

3.  3.James Hastings

4.4.Chloe Selkirk

5. 5.Kyle Hughes

6.  6.Oliver Shippington

7. 7.April Glass

8.  8.Luna Orr

9.  9.Derren Lilgree

10.            10.Abbie Reclove

11.              11.Summer Glass

12.             12.Adam Rion

13.             13.Albert Accer

14.             14.Peter Greenland

15.             15.Jennifer Sial

16.             16.Emma Crillon

17.             17Joshua Reveir

I saw a boy with tears rushing down to his face and a girl with overwhelmed anger in her eyes, like she was going to burst of anger. The girl was Emma from our cabin and the boy was Joshua, the kids that were getting cut... the new factionless children, the children that were going to be living a street life for the rest of their life...

Emma blurted out into the crowd “are you kidding me?!” she shouted into the crowd, she was on the verge of tears. Her face was red from chin to forehead “Abbie didn’t even go to half of the training lessons and she was 10th?!” she paused and bashed against one of the walls “She’s done the less work than all of us!” she grabbed my arm tightly “get off her!” Jen said grabbing Emma’s arm tighter. Emma attempted to tug Jen off her but she wouldn’t let go “Haley, you call this an act of kindness, you call this Amity-like behaviour?!” Emma yelled out to Haley “Emma, I’d like you to leave the faction now, you will escorted out by two Amity guards “as for you Joshua, you may say your good boys but after dinner you will need to leave if you need, you may have guard escort you out if you ever get lost, you will be welcome to Amity anytime but you may only stay here temporarily after training” Joshua nodded and turned to who I assumed was a friend.

It re-read the scores in my mind...Alisa...first place? Alisa! That psychopath, she should be locked up, I swear! Jen looked at me, her face was dull...almost depressed. It looked like she wanted to become a factionless like Emma and Joshua. I saw her face almost turn slightly the shade of scarlet envy. “Alisa” she called towards the end of the crowd.

Emma stormed off from us, slamming the door. “Hello...Jennifer” she said bowing her head slightly, I felt my face turn to a light shade of red, and my cheeks became hot. Jen raised to two her fingers to her forehead and saluting her like you would do to an army recruit then she wiggled her fingers and straightened them to wave her hand “sorry, dauntless habit”.  She bowed her head at Jen like she was waiting for Alisa to jump in and say something interesting. “I have to ask you, before you get bored of standing here, how did you get first place? What’s your secret?” “I’m bored now, goodbye” Alisa said before swiftly turning away

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