A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


13. Amity XII


The setting was set down in front of my eyes as the simulation began, from what I had seen it was to people fighting. This simulation was to test how Amity you were. The Amity are such wimps they wouldn’t do anything in my opinion but I still what I did, I ran towards them and threw myself infront of  the two it took me a second before I realized who they were, Moon and Jen. I refused to talk to them in the slightest because there wouldn’t be a point, there not real, it’s just in my mind. As for now, I’am divergent, that means I can do whatever I want! I thought, because I’am being monitored at the moment, I have to do things that would seem normal but I felt rebellious but I must not let who I’am turn me into a monster...I’am not becoming like that psychopath, Alisa.

 Jen began to talk to me, she wasn’t real and her voice didn’t suit her at all “Abbie, stop fighting” she said and smiled, I didn’t answer her, no point talking to a simulation anyway. I was warped into a different setting, into a bus in with several others from my group, I searched around the setting it would have been so real if it wasn’t for Haley injecting with that serum. In my hand there I found was a bar of chocolate and a kid walked up to me and said “may I have some?” I gave the kid 2 pieces and I let him walk away, he returned to me and said “I’am hungry” I gave him another piece we walked up to me again and said “give me more” I refused that time and he went back to his seat. Another kid walked up to me with a full chocolate bar in his hand “may I have some?” I refused because he already had food and after that I was warped out of the simulation “Ok that will be all, you may leave now miss...oh and don’t try and fight with me” Alone said “what was that?!” I said, Alone turned to me and raised his eyebrows “” he said and watched me as I left. When my eyes were exposed to light again my eyes felt as if they were burning so I covered my eyes from the sun. “WHATS WRONG!?” Moon shouted, it took me a while to realize the way I covered my eyes looked like crying. I ran towards Moon as fast as I could before I saw that Haley called out the name to the crowd “Erin Sea” Moon straightened her back and walked past me before she entered the simulation room Albert and Jen were my only friends remaining in the group now. Jen was sat down on a bench, next to Amy and her friends. She seemed to be getting along well with them and I didn’t want to bother her so I swiftly moved to Albert without trying to make a sound.

 “Hi” I said as I slipped over, Albert shivered down his spine when he heard my voice “what’s wrong?” I asked, it had seemed these past few days, me and Albert were growing apart. I didn’t want to just disappear out of his life, the way he knew me as a friend clung together by a thread and not just a thread, the world’s thinnest thread, the thinnest thread known to mankind. “Sorry Abbie, you startled me there” Albert said before attempting to smile “so, what was the tests like?” he asked, Albert had looked so depressed lately, I didn’t know what it was about, but that’s what made me uneasy. “It was nothing, the tests were really easy” I said to him, his face turned a brighter shade of red showing he was nervous, I thought I’d ask him what him and Jen were talking about, but then he’d know that I was listening into his conversation back at the lunch hall. “So when are you up for tests?” I smiled at him “well that’s the thing, my full name is Albert Accer, so I should have already been called” he told me, turning his head down. I ran towards Haley, and I saw the expression change on Albert’s face to a bright red and he began to wave his hands in the air at me.

 “What’s wrong? Don’t worry Albert I’am getting you onto the test line, I thought you wanted to do the tests” I said holding my feet to the ground and curling my toes. He turned a brighter shade of red, it looked like he was some sort of ticking Albert bomb, a nose bleed began down his upper lip like I had just had a few minutes ago. “Oh, are you ok?” I asked and ran to his aid as fast as I could. I tripped over onto my nose in the starting my nose bleed back up. Now we had 2 Amity teens with nose bleeds...great.

I swear if Alisa starts- my thoughts were stopped by the small laughing noise Alisa made. I felt my head get hot with anger, I never thought I say this but I hate her, I truly hate her. I picked up a small stone and clenched it tightly, I want to throw it at her, I really do... I dropped the stone and attempted to talk sense into my mind. What was wrong with me?! When I had came to reality I saw that the blood from my nose was starting to drip from my chin onto my shirt, creating a brown stain. I quickly grabbed a napkin from my pocket and wiped my face, leaving a few red marks on my face. I handed Albert a napkin, he passed it back. I decided I wasn’t going to try and tempt him into taking because he wasn’t going to take it. Haley called another name “Jennifer Sial”

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