A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


12. Amity XI pt II


She stepped outside the crowd and slowly turned her head to see a small corner of my face and gave me a small nod before trudging away from the crowd. The last girl, Amy, Stood into the crowd and sat on the table of a bench near us. The bird continued to tweet on her shoulder and sometimes fly around her head before sitting on her head and back down to the shoulder. She turned her head to face me, she had caught me staring at her! She jumped to her feet and startled the bird the process. “Beautiful isn’t he?” She said and smiled, she patted down the ground near us and sat down in a basket shape like I was. “He is my pet canary” She lifted him up on to her index finger and put her hand towards me so I could get a closer look. “What’s his name?” I asked staring at its feathered wings ruffle themselves. “James” she paused “you can hold him if you want, he won’t bite. Just hold your finger near mine and he’ll hop on” I shakily raised my right index finger to Amy’s, the bird flapped its wings again and hopped on to my finger. “Why doesn’t he fly much?” I asked as the bird began to sing again “Oh, he has a semi-broken wing, he can fly but not too far” his small nails dug into my finger, it was more of a pinching feel rather than a cut into the skin. The bird flapped its wings and jumped from my finger down to the ground and attempted to fly upwards again. Amy branched down to pick him up but he hopped up her arm as she brought it down. “AMY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?! CHOLE IS IN TEARS BECAUSE OF THIS TEST THING!” Amy’s head whipped around to face the boy, he looked a lot younger than the most of us, he had silky black hair put into a gelled spiky way that seemed to shine under the sun. “Tell her I’ll be over in a second!” Amy answered, shouting back at him. “Well it’s been nice knowin’ ya I need to leave now, hope I see you soon” Amy brushed her shorts off and ran towards a girl a few inches smaller than her, bubbling her eyes out. She was a bit more different than the other children; she was the only one with ginger hair. She was the only one with pleats. She was the only one with lime eyes. She seemed to stand out against the crowd.

Haley called another name “Abbie Reclove” she said with what seemed an echo. I stood up, attempting to be energetic about the fact I was up, I tried to make it seem as if I was ready but inside I was dying. I ran all the way up to Haley so I was nearly face to face with her. I started to hear my heart race, I started to feel my heart beating like you would feel if you had just gone for a 30 minute jogging race. Before I didn’t understand the expression butterflies in your tummy but I do now, I was so nervous that I DID feel that weird feeling in my stomach. She pointed me to the entrance and left me to go in as she waited outside.

As I went in I could swear I felt the air grow colder. “Hello my name is Alone, I will be over looking your tests today” He smiled and offered me to lie down on the simulation table. “From what I have heard it seems you are an unconfirmed divergent, correct?” He asked me “please tell me that a rhetorical question because I don’t know the answer, I wouldn’t say I’am divergent because no one has told me what divergent means but ,I can’t say I’am not either then!” The tone I used sounded as if I was angry at him, although I wasn’t I didn’t know how I felt at that time, if I was angry or happy...over all things I felt a bit hyper. He turned his head down a bit and let out a sigh “we will have to whisper if were gonna talk about what you are...” he leaned towards me “divergent...if you are divergent then you destroy simulations-not in a way where you can wake yourself up by command’s hard to explain” He leaned away from me to his normal position. I leaned towards him and began to shout “I don’t care what I’am and how hard it is to explain, it could take 2 years to explain and I wouldn’t care JUST TELL ME, YOU LITTLE---“ my sentence stopped and my mouth seemed paralyzed “I I would enjoy it if, you wouldn’t don’t talk to me like that Miss. Reclove!” he said, “Happy simulations” he chuckled as I stared down to my arm...he injected me when I leaned to him not fair! I thought, I wanted to scream it at him but my mouth couldn’t move. And soon I was under the simulation.

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