A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


5. Amity V


When I got back it was 8:42, I was late. I jogged to my dorm but, to my nightmares…Jen was there sitting on the step, as always. “HEY, ALISA, FOUND HER YET?!” Jen screamed later did I realize she was looking at me, so I had to play along “uhh no not yet, mind if I go inside for a bit” I said only seconds later realizing I was using my normal voice. “You sound a lot like Abbie today” she said looking oddly at me…”and why are you wearing your old glasses and uniform?” she said sounding more concerned. “Abbie?” she said her face pulling to a half relived smile. “Sorry…” I whispered but still loud enough for her to hear “What did you do last night?” Jen said leaning close to me, putting one of her hands on my shoulder. Her hand felt soft on my skin, giving me a small massage. “I-I uhh- Iam sorry but- I think- uhh” I said continuously stuttering.

 “It’s ok, some things are best unknown, huh?” she said looking down to my face. I didn’t want to cry but I did, I buried my head into her shirt and started to cry. “Look at me” Jen commanded, I tried my best to look up and look her in the eyes but my brain told me not to. “LOOK AT ME!” she commanded again. I fought against my brain and lifted my head. “I-I’am so sorry…my dauntless got the better of me there” Jen said pulling me in to a hug “I’am fine…it’s just I’ve done something bad” I said leaning into her again. “Most things are better not known” she said pulling my face to meet her eyes “ok?” she said slightly pulling away from me “ok” I repeated sucking up my tears. “Your all red and puffy, come on will we go inside and clean you up?” Jen suggested as she wrapped her arm around me and started walking to our dorm.

 “Yes, thank you” I said following her lead as my face lit-up with expression. We walked into the bathroom together silently closing the door behind us. “Why do we have to be so quiet” I asked, near whispering “Oh…Alisa had a break down at the thought of it all and just said to Haley she was sick” Jen said tearing out wipes from a blue box and soaking them in cold water. “Oh…” that was my only answer at that moment…I couldn’t say anything else…I was in such shock. I wiped the tears from my eyes as Jen started straitening my hair I started to think of what I saw and did in Erudite. It spilled from my mouth, the words “I know why Alisa left her faction” the words were easy to say, not to easy to explain. Jen stopped for a second “why” she said appearing to look in shock “an awesome person once said most things are better not known” I proclaimed, slightly teasing her “well aren’t you a smart kid?” Jen said laughing. “I learn from the best” I say finally smiling. ”Why thank you” she said before pausing again “what is that?” she said staring at my neck

“Again…most things are better not known” I said as my face dropped to a neutral look. “Fair enough” she said running a brush through my hair “do you mind if I use this after?” she asked pulling some black bobbles out of her pocket. “Oh, what evil scheme are you gonna use it for now?” I said laughing. “Iam gonna dye my hair, you want highlights?” it took me a long time to answer…I thought for a long time and looked in the mirror a lot, imagining what I would look like and this was my answer after so long “sure, why not” I said grinning with open teeth “awesome!” Jen said, a bit too loud I guess as it seemed Alisa had already woken up “Oh…huh?” Alisa said rubbing her eyes “YOUR BACK!” Alisa proclaimed, walking down the side of her bed to come and hug me “I’ve been back for about 40…45 minutes” I say looking at the clock “why do you have my old faction uniform on?” she said looking me up and down “why do you ask?” I asked streaking down my hair “humpf…I guess I shouldn’t have asked” she said looking slightly over to Jen. “We’re gonna dye our hair tonight!” Jen shouted triumphantly to break the silence “you gonna do it too?” Jen said flipping back her hair from her face.

“No thank you ummm…actually on one condition as long as we get blue dye” Alisa said a bit looking uneasy. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to” I told her, looking her into eyes. “No I want something new for a new faction” she said, her eyes reflecting off the lights. “So when are we getting the dye?” I asked yawning “shhh don’t tell anyone…we’re leaving at 9:00pm” Jen said yawning after me.

“What, Are you crazy?!” I shrieked “well if you want to be Mrs. Goodie two shoes, fine then” Jen said raising her eye brows. I hesitated for a bit and let out a bit of air “fine I guess that’s what friends are for” I said slightly bowing my head down to the floor. “Awesome, will we go get you out of Alisa’s clothes then?” Jen said jumping and giving me a tight squeeze of a hug. “I don’t really want to go…” Alisa said leaning her head down “you don’t have to go, I just needed 1 partner” Jen said smiling. I felt slightly jealous but I didn’t say anything. I started to re-think everything, I suppose I did sneak out last night but I didn’t feel bad about doing it…why?.

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