A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


9. Amity IX


Moon snapped her fingers in a comical fashion and stood up, she flipped her hair as if showing it off. Admittedly she did have nice hair, I always wished I could grow my hair out but in Candor no one wanted to stand out, so every girl kept their hair the same. In brown or ginger braids that slightly glided past your shoulders in a way that you wouldn’t be able to show if you had curly hair or straight. “No time to waste come on girls!” Haley shouted at us across the room, Albert’s face became slightly red as soon as she said girls. Half the children were already outside waiting for us with an annoyed face. Moon grabbed my wrist tightly and ran towards the crowd, I nearly tripped over a few chairs and I stubbed my foot across a leg of a red chair at the end of the hall. That chair was used if we got into fights during training, one had to sit in the chair and eat their lunch there. As we walked outside I joined by Jen and Albert slowly, it seemed Jen was comforting Albert about something. I didn’t want to join into it, I hate comforting people over pity. It’s like saying oh, you’re not fat even though they ARE fat, it’s bad to say it and it makes me a bit ashamed to think it but it’s true.

Even though me being in Candor, the truthful faction I never suited the place because I always lied. Come to think of it that’s what made me popular around my school, because people believed me even if I was lying. Jen now was whispering to Albert, heard few words slip out of her mouth “Abbie….cut….crushed” and few mumbles after words. Albert stood up straight and closely followed my lead, his heels scraped of mine gently. Moon was far off into the crowd near the front, I wanted to keep close to Jen and Albert at the moment, to see if I could find any more information about what she was talking about, it bothered me and made me feel uneasy the fact I didn’t know what it was about.

Abbie, cut, crushed the words played back in my head at an insane rate. Albert tapped my shoulder lightly. As soon as I turned to him he blushed a shade of bright red that covered his cheeks. His eyes widened for a second and he stood back and straightened his back again “what is it?” I asked beginning to walk slightly backward in the crowd “Eh-eh NO-NOTHING! NO, NO, NOTHING” a few people turned around to see what we were blabbing on about. I heard Moon’s voice call through the crowd, she sounded a bit scratchy “ABBIE COME HERE!” I ran through the crowd as quickly as I could but trying to avoid the people around me. I honestly thought she may been in trouble by the way she shouted, she called me again but not as loud this time “what is wrong?” I said panting for air. “I need, you to choose a topping” I was confused by her sentence for a second. “Topping?” I said tilting my head and raising my eyebrow. “Yea, topping. Haley said we are all getting ice creams after this is over” she smiled “what was your hurry?” she chuckled. “Nothing…white chocolate chips I guess” I said wading my face downwards and panting again. I’ve never actually tried ice cream before but I had tried chocolate chips, I used to make cookies with my mom for dessert on Christmas.

“We’re half way now!” Haley called to the group, the air began to feel cold meaning were going up-hill, but the question is WHERE is she taking us?

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