A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


6. Amity IV


As the time suck the ungodly hour of 9:00pm I sat awake putting on my jacket and shoes. “How much money do you have on you?” Jen said attempting to balance as she put her shoes on, wobbling back and forth on one leg. I reached into my pocket to see how much I had about £23 if I didn’t count in the coins which was another £1.22. “Uhh just over £20” I answered “nice, how did you get it all?” Jen said holding onto one to the beds. “I used to get pocket money” I replied simply. “Right, are we going or what?!” Jen said jumping with joy and grabbing me by the arm “sure, I guess” I said starting to have 2nd thoughts about it all “Yay!” Jen shouted grabbing me and heading out the door. “Well…BYE!” I heard from the inside of the cabin “ok, bye!” Jen shouted back before running away from the cabins and followed closely behind “shouldn’t we, you know be quiet” I asked “oh right” Jen said giggling “thought so” I said gently pushing her side.

We stealthily walked throughout the streets attempting not to make a sound but every so now and then we made a little clatter here or there. “So where is this place?” I asked crouching near her. “It’s just around here” Jen said slightly returning to her normal voice rather than whispering “Ok I got it” I said twisting around the edges of the street. “Here we are” Jen proclaimed walking in and I followed, as usual. We were greeted by a girl with long white hair, with slightly yellow rims. “Uhh hi I’am Jen and this is Abbie, were here for hair dye” Jen said leaning slowly towards the girl. “Uhh yes, follow me” she said walking to the west of the store and I followed at her heels.

“Here we are girls, don’t take too long we’re shutting down for the night soon” the girls said swiftly turning back the way we came. Jen looked up and down the shelves picking out bit by bit of dye colors. “Are these the high-lights you want?” she shouted to me I quickly glanced at the name on top red and yellow hi-lights without a second thought I mindlessly answered “sure, looks good”

“Cool, we should head back and get these paid for” Jen said with an abundance of dye sets in her right hand. I followed Jen to the counter as she skipped infront of me. I started to think about the fact we we’re breaking rules without permission and sweat boiled up on my forehead again. “Come on slowpoke” Jen half shouted. And I ran after her as fast as possible “coming” I answered quickly.

When we got to the counter the woman was still standing there from before. “Wow, that’s a bit much dye, don’t you think?” the woman said smiling “yea, it’s a lot, but its dye” Jen said scattering the dye kits over the desk. The woman searched through the prices one by one “Ok you’re lucky everything is half price here today, that will be £50 got it?” she said looking oddly at us “Yea, one second” Jen said searching through her black purse. I passed her my share of money of £25 and Jen put down £25 about 5 seconds later. “Ok, you girl better go back to your house” the woman said locking the staff door. “Ok lets go on our way then, shall we Abbie” Jen said grabbing my wrist. “Sure” I answered with my hands tensing.

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