A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


7. Amity IIV


When we got back to the cabin we both cringed “who is the one snoring” Jen said covering up her ears. I looked to Alisa that seemed to be quiet so that muse mean… “EMMA SHUT THE HELL UP!!!” Jen yelled but Emma still kept asleep and not even Alisa seemed to budge. I climbed up to Emma’s bed, as I climbed the wooden bed frame gave me small pricks in my fingers. I kneeled down at the end of Emma’s bed and started tickling her feet. Emma made a small growling sound before continuing to snore again. “Arg, one second” I said leaning over Emma more so I could see her face. “What are doing?” Jen said leaning against the wooden frame of the bed. Before I could answer Jen interrupted “in fact, I’am not dealing with this” Jen said walking into the bathroom, her footsteps creaking off the floorboards. “I’am just gonna put in my hair dye now, I’ll see you in a bit. After you get her to stop snoring” She said this time firmly closing the door.

I reached my hand over to Emma’s face and grabbed tightly on to her nose. Emma struggled for a bit, before finally opening her eyes. “AH!!! ABBIE WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING!?!!?!?!” Emma shrieked, her swampy green eyes widened. “I was trying to get you and your huge nose to shut up!” I said wiggling off towards the end of the bed again. “Oh…I’am sorry, I’ll sleep on my side”. “Thank you, Emma I would like that” I slowly said heading towards the bathroom door. “Ok, I’ll try getting to sleep again now. We have a big day tomorrow” Emma said sleepily, flopping back down to her bed. This made the bed shake underneath her.

I knocked softly on the white wooden door. Behind the door leaked the words “Who is it?” I answered smiling and put on a deep demonic voice “Iam the overlord of darkness, here to take your soul-“I stopped the voice and continued my sentence “who the hell do you think I’am?” I giggled uncontrollably for a second. “Well by that sentence, I think you are the lord of darkness that is here to take my soul and your holding Abbie hostage” Jen said sarcastically. “No, I’am the overlord of darkness” I said laughing again and creaking the door open.

Jen handed me my set of highlights and a pair of transparent gloves. “Thank you” I said squeezing on my gloves, Jen’s hair was half finished it seemed she was using her fingers to send flares of color streaking into her hair. I grabbed locks of my hair and used my other free hand to color the lock. I used a pattern in my hair: red, yellow, yellow, red. Which I thought looked nice. It seemed Jen was using slang from her old faction still, which always left me puzzled “Oh, man, your hair looks sick!” Jen laughed, I felt slightly offended and blurted out the words “well this was your idea in the first place” I said sounding angry. For a second, looked confused until she explained what she meant “no, no sick is dauntless slang for awesome, are you sure you haven’t heard it before?” Jen said rinsing off the hair dye on her forehead under the sink. “No, I haven’t, can you stop using your confusing dauntless slang, please” I started to look concerned that Jen wouldn’t fit in with other Amity because of her dauntless attitude. “Why did you join Amity?” Jen said her smile dropping. I answered as honestly as I could “It was my test scores. And I didn’t have a lot of time to think” I said grabbing a wipe. And applying it to my face “so why did you leave” I said with my voice cracking “Oh” she paused “I join because I didn’t fit in with dauntless, I tried tons of stuff but my childish short hair and freckles gave me a cheerful look on my face, so it stood out to much” she mourned to herself looking sad. “But here you have me for a friend and I think you are just perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you” I said hugging her. “Uhh Abbie, your getting hair dye on my shoulders” Jen said ungluing me from her “sorry” I said turning back to the mirror.


We finished our hair by 11:51 but I wasn’t bothered by that, “you know, I think you would look A LOT better with your hair curled too” Jen added when we came out. “As long as you curl it, so if it’s bad then it’s your fault” I laughed, edging near Alisa’s bed to borrow her curlers. Alisa was sleeping with her eyes open again, it really is creepy. I quietly rumbled through Alisa’s drawer looking around for her curlers I rested my hand on Alisa’s bed, and listened to the steady breathing of Alisa as she slept: in, out, hold, in, out, hold. My heart skipped a beat for a second as Alisa grabbed on to my arm, hitting across my blood veins. “Alisa, get the fuck off of her!” Jen shouted, near punching Alisa. Alisa grabbed Jen’s fist and cracked several of her fingers in the process. “Alisa I’am not kidding GET OFF!” Jen screamed jumping onto Alisa’s bed and giving her, a blow to the nose. Alisa released my wrist and jumped into attack with Jen. I watched in horror as it happened. Jen was still leaning over Alisa; Alisa slapped Jen over the face, leaving a pink mark. Jen attempted to hit back with her free hand as that happened Alisa gave her a punch, leaving a black eye where pale skin once was. “You bastard” Jen screamed swinging a punch that hit near Alisa’s face “what? Are you meant to be scary?” Alisa said with a chuckle. My head became heavy, because of my lack of sleep. Jen reached one hand in an attempt to strangle Alisa. But with a swift touch Alisa knocked Jen off on to the floor. And like that Alisa had the bigger upper-hand; Alisa attempted to kick Jen as she was getting up. Jen swung low to the ground a grabbed Alisa’s heel. Alisa slowly lost balance, hitting her head of the wooden frame of the bed. This was my chance to stop it, when both were at a disadvantage.

I skittled up to my feet as fast as I could, throwing myself in between the two of them. Alisa was still in a fighting mode from the look on her face, I don’t know if she was thinking straight either. “GUYS STOP IT, JEN, YOU CANT JUST FIGHT PEOPLE ANYMORE, THIS ISNT DAUNTLESS. AND ALISA DONT THROW YOURSELF INTO FIGHTS LIKE THAT!” I fatly screeched at the top of my voice. “But I’am not done with that…scum” Jen said with fierce eyes. Alisa threw a punch at her, but hit me and like a click of the fingers, I flew to the ground with pain. My eyes became weak and they shut themselves. Next my screen went black.

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