A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


8. Amity IIIV


When I woke up it was an hour before training. I was slumped on the floor, Emma was still lightly snoring. Alisa was curled in a ball on her bed with cuts and bruises across her arms and down her back. Jen was hanging off my bed, her eye was still swollen from last night, and she was covered head to toe in small scars and open cuts. I crawled towards my bed on all fours, I lifted my arm to touch Jens side and I saw her cringe in pain. She opened her eyes enough to see through her left eye. “Oh...Abbie?” she said weakly “yes it’s me, are you ok?” I said shivering. “Oh, yea Iam-Iam just fine” Jen said hauling herself up, using my mattress. “Here I’ll walk you to the first aid” I said grabbing one of arms and Jen screamed through gritted teeth. She limped closer to the door as the blood grazed off my arm. Jen started to stumble on the cobble paths and the wind seemed to throw her off balance.

Haley’s voice screamed in the distance “girls what in the world are doing out of your cabins, it’s not training yet” I was started when she began to run towards us and I saw the look on Haley’s face change dramatically. “You have to be kidding me, girls” her eyes opened wide. “Oh, no it wasn’t me it was Alisa, Jen was trying to defend me” I said quickly before we got in more trouble. “Tut, tut, tut, you girls need to keep your act together. I mean not only have you gone in a fight that doesn’t concern you, but you have died your hair, I swear girls, you are this close from leaving the faction” Haley said pulling out a black cell phone with yellow diamonds splattered across the back of it. She raised the phone to her face “hello, yea, yea. It’s just- no it’s just...uhh yea its one of the girls out of the cabin C- no, no she has gotten in a fight. Ok I’ll send her over right away” Haley said into her cell phone.

“Who was that?” I asked sounding scratchy. “It was the nurse. You can go back into your cabin now” Haley said lightly pushing me away into my cabin. “No, No! I want to stay with Jen!” I protested fighting against her. “No, listen to me you need to go in your cabin, go!” Haley said pushing me again. I turned to my cabin and opened the door slowly, hanging me head to see the floor. I heard Jen cough a bit; I turned my head to see her again. Jen was still screaming through her teeth. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

When I got back in my cabin Emma was snoring again. I lied on my bed looking through the window and watched as Haley lifted Jen over her shoulder and started running towards the first-aid. I watched through the window for a bit longer, I started to pay attention to the trees a bit more. The roots around the trees, the shading of the leaves, the ripe fruit hanging by its edge on the ends of the branches “Iam awake, you know” I jumped to see Alisa standing with her head sliding to the side. “Alisa, you startled me” I breathed “no need to be scared, nothing is gonna get you here...apart from me” she said smiling, she looked dead, her eyes were not moving from my face and her face seemed lifeless. “You should go back to sleep” I said as my heart started to steady “I was never asleep” She said raising her head to stretch her neck “after that incident 2 nights ago I didn’t go to sleep in case of anything bad going on”.

“Don’t be so concerned about it, it was nothing important” I said running my hands through my hair “if it wasn’t anything important then you should just TELL ME!” She said grabbing on to my top and pulling me close to her face, my eyes lit up in fear “Alis-Alisa, y-ou need some- sleep bad” I said quickly raising my arm to protect my face. “You’re not scared of good old Alisa are you?” Alisa said bringing me closer so that my nose touched hers and our eyes were an inch apart. My legs tensed and my arm fell to my sides “you know, I’ll get you later so why not get you now?” she said tightly grabbing my arm. My head started swirling when the thought came to me is she actually crazy? I wanted to fight against her, but she was too strong. I could feel my hand losing blood faster than I thought. “Alisa, Abbie?” I heard from the background “what are you doing?” I heard, it was Emma’s voice from behind us. Alisa let go of me and I flopped to the ground yea, I’am right, Alisa is crazy. “You have no right to speak over me stiff” Alisa said turning to the top bunk of where Emma sleeps. I stood up and dusted myself off.

“Right girls, time for training” Haley said barging through the door. “And don’t worry, Jen is going to be just fine” She added as we followed her out the door. “Let’s get breakfast first, ok?” Haley said with her voice echoing towards the crowd. Everyone screamed in unison together “YEA!” I didn’t join in; I see it as childish to join into pointless one-word chants. Everyone scatted around me, running past and my shoulder hitting someone else’s every so now and then. I trudged behind them with my face emotionless. I slowly started to jog after the crowd got too far away from my grasp. “Come on slowpoke!” A young Amity girl yelled after me. She had long blonde hair, reaching down to her hips along with 2 red hair clips at her left side of the hair. She reached out her hand for me to grab, I took the offer. She gripped my hand so that it made my palm go white and she started running into the crowd.

When we slowed down she asked me “so what’s your name, stranger?” her voice was gentle with an accent I hadn’t heard before. “Oh, Iam Abbie, and you are?” I slowly worked my way to the trays. “I’am Erin, but you can call me Moon” she said tilting her head. I felt eager to ask why her nickname was Moon but I didn’t mind, she answered for me. “My friends used to call me that because I love comics and mangas. One day I read a manga named Moon, and got obsessed over it” She said smiling, honestly I did not know what a comic or manga was, I’ve heard of them but I didn’t know what they were. I grabbed a packet of apple slices, with the skin of the apple peeled off. I grabbed 1 orange and other fruits I didn’t know half the names of. And lastly, I grabbed a pint of lime and lemon juice. I sat down next to Albert at a brightly coloured red spiral table. “Hi Allie” Moon said sticking out her tongue, “Oh hi Moon, long time no see, come on, sit” Albert said laughing. “Why can’t you start making friends that are guys, why am I only guy in this group?” Albert continued, hitting me gently on the back. “Hey leave the girl alone, it looks like she has good choice in friends, I mean she’s got me!” Moon laughed stuffing dragon fruit in to her mouth. It was only then when I looked over to her plate to see 5 small dishes, filled with the pinkish fruit. “Why, so much dragon fruit?” I said taking a sip of my juice, “Oh you mean this little piece of heaven I have in my hands, no I’am kidding but I tasted this first day of Amity and I loved it to bits, I think it’s the best food I’ve ever had” Moon proclaimed sticking 2 other bits into her mouth. “Fair enough, now I must do you know Albert, were you guys in the same school or something?” I said leaning nearer to her. “No, no I went to a public school” Moon said taking a sip from my juice. “Hey!” I said snatching my cup back. “I went to a private, full boy’s school. Moon was just my neighbour” Albert grabbed one of his jammed brown toast and took a large bite out of the side. Moon reached into her pocket and started to read a book facing back to front with the name on it MOON AND THE VAMPIRE ECLIPSE on the front it had a cartoon girl with shiny blue hair reaching her knees wearing a white button shirt and light blue pleated skirt. “So this is the great Moon is it?” I said smiling. “Yes it is, isn’t she kawai?” Moon held up her book to my face. “Uhh kawai” I said looking confused. “Let me translate ka-wa-i me-ans cu-te, I’am guessing you weren’t former Erudite” Moon said flashing a smile. “No, sorry former Candor” I drank from my cup again. “RIGHT YOU TRANSFERS LETS GET TO TRAINING!” Haley said as we all lined up behind her again.

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