A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


4. Amity IIII


2:32am everyone was asleep, everyone apart from me. I sat up straight, my feet touching the ground first time since 21:32pm. My eyes were getting used to the dark. I could see but not very well, my footsteps quietly creaked off the ground as I walked. “I must not leave my old faction” Alisa’s word pounded in my head “I must say sorry” the words were leaving an echo in my head; I could help but feel bad. There must be a way to help. I thought to myself, and then my idea struck. Slowly I kneeled down near Alisa’s bed, reaching my hand under her bed pulling out Alisa’s old faction uniform. I grabbed Alisa’s glasses and hair curlers before rushing into the bathroom. I didn’t bother switching on the lights to see, in case someone woke up. I plugged the hair curlers in, slowly pulling out my twin braids and curling them to look like Alisa’s. Again I thought “I must say sorry” as I pulled on Alisa’s old dress and popped on her glasses. When I left the bathroom I checked again in case anyone was awake, it was safe. I let the door slowly creek open, opening up into darkness. I heard Emma let out a small grunt, in fear of her waking up I accidently slammed the door behind me, all I heard before I started walking away was “Oh gosh who was that?!”. “Where is Abbie!” “they may have gotten her!”. I couldn’t help but feel bad as I ran from the Amity faction.

When I had finally gotten to the Erudite compound, it had been hours, it had already turned to 6:23am. I hoped I still had time, I was tired but I had to do this, for Alisa. “Let’s just hope I find them” I whispered to myself, sneaking into the compound. “I’am Alisa Clove Ellie Helthwith”. I thought to myself. “Or at least I look like her” I thought again walking towards a phone-booth. A robotic voice leaked in “Are you looking for a call, or if you want a house number just ask. The phone booths provided by leader of: faction Erudite allow you to do so much more!” the robotic voice stopped

“Iam looking for the Helthwith family house-hold” I say dazed “Helthwith family house-hold: home of Elizabeth Helthwith, Timothy Helthwith and new resident of Amity: Alisa Helthwith, correct?” The robotic voice says with an echo. “Correct” I repeat “here is the map to the Helthwith house-hold” the robotic voice says as a map prints behind me and the doors open again.

I reach the Helthwith house at 6:42 and knock on the glass door. I’am greeted by a small boy, about age 6. “Alisa?” the young boy asks in amazement. “Oh, Timmy” I say bending down to hug him, he runs up giving me a hug, but I can’t help but feel bad. Iam giving him false love… I’am not his sister it’s so hard telling a lie, but if it is what I have to do. “Alisa…” a woman said, looking dazed, which I think may be her mom..wait her blind, Alisa never told me this . “Hello” I said letting go of Timmy. “My young girl…you are a disgrace to the family name…exactly like your father” she paused, tears welling up in her eyes “you shouldn’t have come here today”. I walked into the house, Alisa’s little brother following me. “I have to be back at the Amity compound by 8:30am. I don’t have a lot of time here” I said attempting to sound like Alisa. “Well I’am glad you came, even if it’s only for a little bit. I’ll get a cab to drive you back” she said back to me as Timmy sat down to watch T.V.

It seemed the time flew by and I had just finished my cup of tea, that Alisa’s mom provided me by 7:56. “Oh I better leave” I said hanging my head. “I just have to say one more thing before I leave…sorry” The words dripped out my mouth like water. “by-“ “NO NO DON’T LEAVE!” Timmy said hugging by my leg. “Oh sorry sweetie I hope I can see you on visiting day…BYE!” I said gripping off Timmy and setting him on the carpet before leaving.

 As the taxi came into view, I started to hear foot-steps and murmurs. “Look who came over!” a boys voice said behind me, I quickly turned around to see a guy about 2-3 inches taller followed by another kid 1-2 inches taller than me. “Little slut, Alisa” the boys voice chanted, his voice made me cringe. His voice was so loud he could nearly pierce my ears open. “Excuse me?!” I said anger building up in me. “Have you forgotten us?” the other boy’s voice said. His voice was more gentle but still unforgiving. “Should I know you?” I said tensing up my hands “you were such an insignificant part of my life”. “Wow, since when did the tiger learn to prowl” the 1st boy’s voice said. “Look, I have to get back to Amity. Later” I said attempting to walk away but the 2 boys stopped me. “Oh, leaving so soon” the boy said with a bit of anger in attempt to scare me. “Yes actually I have to start training soon” I said attempting to pull away from his grip. “No, you can just stay for a little bit can’t you?” the 2nd boy said hitting into my pressure point and I fell to my knees in pain. “Oh I wish all girls would get on their knees that fast… if you know what I mean” the 1st boy said laughing…honestly; I wasn’t impressed by his joke. “Just let me go!” I said anger building up into me. “Aaawww so sorry, you want your mommy?” the 2nd boy said leaning close to my face. I wanted to, I wanted to punch him in the face repeatedly and have him bleed to death…”I may as well make a start” I whispered to myself. “Make a start on what?” he asked chuckling. My anger became my strength as I attempted to punch him, but I was stopped by his hand, from his hand I noticed popped out veins. “I think this girl may have amnesia” he said pushing me on to the ground and leaning over me. “What the hell?, get off me!” I said struggling left and right, but to avail. He pinned me to the ground “wow dude, did your eye color change” he said leaning a bit backwards. I took this to my advantage “Iam not Alisa, and Iam calling the cops!” I said trying to sound intimidating as I reached for my cell phone. “light-blue…you know I like that color” he said snatching the phone from my hand, still leaning over me. “Get off!” I said struggling back and forth again, he started to run his hands down my arms, it was the first impulse I had as soon as that happened I screamed “RAPE!!!” he boy leaned, his eyes wide, but no one noticed us still. He put his hand over my mouth and started giving me a hicky on the side of my neck. I screamed behind his hand…I guess I had no choice…I had to lick his hand. I didn’t want to but I did, he removed his head from my neck in disgust, wiping his hand dry. As I wriggled free of his grasp toward the taxi they ran after me run, run, and run! I thought to myself, soon I reached the taxi. Sitting there was an annoyed driver “well took you long enough” he said, his voice was dark and deep “Amity please” I said gliding to the back seat of the car.

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