A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


3. Amity III


I and Alisa said nothing until we were looking for our new Amity uniform and we met eyes, she only said it as a whisper but she said this “are you divergent too?” she slowly turned her head to me “are you?” “I don’t know only under a serum I think, I mean Iam not- huh… it’s complicated let’s just say Iam a semi-divergent” I said to her finally looking at her in the eyes, she really did have beautiful eyes; they were a slightly purplish blue color I can’t really explain them. “Let’s have a pact, you and me, never tell any intelligent life of this, ok?” Alisa said looking though the different shades of red flat heeled shoes “Ok” I answered silently, walking closer to her. “I think these would look good on you” Alisa said reaching for a pair of deep-red shoes with sparkles at the end, making it look slightly like a sneaker and handing them to me. “You think so?” I said throwing them on the ground and fitting one of my feet in them and then 2nd foot. “Yeah they look, dare I say it, awesome” Alisa said to me giggling. “Because you chose out my shoes I get to choose yours, ok?” I said smiling at her. “It would be a pleasure if you would” she said giving the shelf one last glance.

 I looked though the many shades until I found a beautiful pair of vibrant yellow shoes, they were so plain but…so her. I plucked them off the shelf, carrying them by the heels “I think these would look beautiful on you” I said to Alisa as she looked at them in amazement “fair enough” she said snatching them off me and lacing them around her feet. “I love them” Alisa said smiling at me showing her pure white teeth “awesome” I said flashing a smile back. “New rule, from now on we choose each other’s clothes, got it?” I said sitting next to her tapping my shoes, making little tunes out of them. “Agreed” she said holding out her hand in offer for me to shake it, I shook her hand firmly “it’s a deal!” I say triumphantly. “I’ll get you something wonderful, honest” Alisa says before skipping off to the clothes, I do the same. We cross paths a few times, flashing a grin at each other whenever we get close. At last I saw it, it was an amazing shirt with thin red swirls and a mustard yellow back-round. Along with bright red leggings and a creamy yellow for a belt, it would lovely on her, she just needs to lose the glasses, although the sparkly blue rims are beautiful I think she could use some yellow ones too, to compete the look. I wandered around a bit before I found them, they were almost a replica, aside the rims. It had a shining yellow rim, the lenses were near circle but they should do. “Alisa!” I called. She raised her hand yelling back “here!” she wasn’t too far; I began to run towards her as fast as I could, making sure not to break the glasses. “Oh my word, it’s beautiful!” she said reaching her hand over to grab the pile of clothes, she was smiling until she saw the glasses “try them on” I said my smile fading in fear she didn’t like them. She took off her old glasses, rubbing her eyes before putting on the new pair she gave me a grin “do they look, ok?” Alisa said looking at me “tell me, honest” she added, Iam former condor it would be hard to lie. “You look like an angel” I said as she twirled and headed toward the changing rooms.

When Alisa came out, she was a new person, she was truly stunning. “This is more than anything I could ask for she said, arms out stretched to hug me. “Alisa you look-“ my sentence stopped “I can’t believe this, it’s amazing” she said tightly hugging me, “Oh I forgot here is your clothes” she handed me 1 red and 1 yellow hair clip along with a yellow checkered shirt, that was bit over sized. Along with it came some scuffed red jeans as part of the look. “You’re the best friend ever!” I said hugging her back and rushing into the changing rooms. I undid my old shirt button-by-button until it collapsed to the ground, exposing half my body to the cold as I quickly threw on my new shirt and buttoning it up as fast as possible. Then shrugging off my leggings and tensing up my arms to pull up my skinny red jeans. I snuck a quick look in the mirror, just to check if I looked good but I guess that was up to Alisa to decide.

“Alisa I love it!” I said walking out on my tip-toes, “I love them” I said again. “You look absolutely stunning” Alisa said as I walked out. “HALEY, WERE DONE!!” I called, we put up our hands to show where we were, and sure enough we heard someone running. But to our surprise it wasn’t Haley, it was Albert. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I screamed to him “Oh, sorry did I startle you?” he calmly said looking over to Alisa “yes, yes you did!” Alisa said wide-eyed “Oh, so sorry” he said staring at the both of us. “What have you done to Haley!” I said looking a bit fearsome “She told me to look after you guys and take you back to your dorms by 8:00pm, its 7:46, come on we’ll get your stuff and leave” he said wading through the clothes to get to cashier. He had a bit of stubble along his chin as well with natural blonde hair, wearing a bright red top and jeans. “So what do you need?” he said looking bored. “Just the clothes their wearing” Albert said lifting me up to level the cashier, sometimes I wish I wasn’t small enough for an average person to lift me up. “Nice clothes, would you mind coming behind here, for me to see how much it costs for the 2 of your new clothes” he said with a smirk. “Sure” I chattered grabbing Alisa by her arm, dragging her behind the desk with me as the man ran a scanner down our bodies. “Ok you guys can go back now, that will be £27.65p” he said leaning over the desk. “Sure I have it here” Albert said pulling out notes and placing them on the table. “OK, is that all?” he said a bit cheerfully. “Yea it is. BYE!” Alisa said, her cheeks turning red as she grabbed me and started walking out the store. “You guys are lucky, everyone else has to use the default uniforms for Amity” Albert said crossing his arms as we strolled past a ray of pear trees, followed by orange trees.

As soon as we got back it was already half past 8 and the sun was just setting. The first thing I saw when we got back was Jen sitting out, by our cabins. “Oh god, where were you guys?” Jen said looking deeply into my eyes. It had just come to mind…what if Jen needs me around all the time; does she have problems making friends? Or is it that there is no love for a small dauntless girl that never fitted in? Jen wrapped herself around me, tears near falling from her eyes “I missed you” she whispered. “Right, I’am going to my cabin!” Albert proclaimed walking off towards the boys cabins, his heels hitting the loose stones every time. “Right, will we go inside?” Alisa said as Jen pulled away her grip. “Ok-“ “sure” Me and Jen said interrupting both of our answers together. There was a little silence before we started walking back in our cabins. “I like your new outfit” Jen commented on our way in. “Thanks, Alisa picked it out for me” I said looking to Alisa. “Yes, and Abbie picked out my clothes” Alisa said smiling at me. “Well, you look awesome then” Jen said with a unconvincing smile.

When we got in the cabin, all the girls were dressed in a bright yellow skirt that went to their knees with a short sleeved red T-shirt. “You guys are so lucky” Ellie said with a silent toned voice that trailed in my mind. Alisa walked over to her night stand, placing her old Erudite glasses near a picture of the Amity compound. “Why are you doing that?” I asked walking up to her bed and Jen went into the bathroom to get for new Amity uniform on. “I have to remember my old faction somehow… although the place was so mean; I made a promise I have to keep. Iam not leaving my old faction behind” she said her voice becoming weak as she started to splutter into tears. I hugged her tightly, letting her tears leak through my clothes “Oh, what’s wrong” I said leaning closer to her. “You know, you never realize what you have until it’s lost…I have to say sorry to them” she said burying her head into my shoulder. Emma stood in shock behind us, walking into the other bathroom to brush her teeth. ” My mom, Timmy. They were counting on me but I failed them” she blubbered from her mouth. “It’s ok…you will see them on visiting day” I said attempting to sound helpful, but I knew this was problem was too big to solve with words. “No…I won’t see them on visiting day. I abandoned them when they needed me. I said I wasn’t going to leave but I did” she paused for a bit pulling herself off me. “I’am a terrible daughter” the words spilled from her mouth silently as she wiped away her tears. We didn’t say anything after that.

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