A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


2. amity II

(just letting you guys now before you read this "this is helpful" Divergent means you can basicly destroy simulations "so these people wanna kill you, its a bad thing to be divergent")


We started training by anger “right guys all team up and make up a drama scene in which it has an example of 2-4 people in bulling or an argument situation. Albert and Jen grabbed me as soon as Haley was done talking. “So this is our group?” I asked. “Yea it is” Jen answered. “So, what will we do for our drama argument or bulling?” Albert said crossing his arms. “Bulling I think, I’am good at that” Jen said with a chuckle. “Fair enough…uhh I guess because I’am the most weak, I’ll be the victim” I said my head titled “yeah and I’ll try and pretend punch you”, she said her cheek’s blushing. “And that means, you, Albert, have to insult her- or something” Jen said as Albert was sucking on his water bottle.

“OK then, shall we start?” I asked with a slight smile. “We shall!” Jen said sounding triumphant as she took my arm, pretending to give me a Chinese burn and Albert was still looking into the clouds for a bit before he started reacting “Yea I heard you needed a bit of help in class, what are you, retarded!?” he said blushing, I could tell he wasn’t used to insulting people. Jen swung an invisible punch, “You know I never thought Mrs. Abbie geek face would ever stand up or herself, you want to prove me wrong?” he said with a fake chuckle. Jen said gently bending my arm back. “Ok everyone, are all the dramas done?” Haley asked. “Were done” Jen shouted dropping me on my back. “Well that’s nice, but I didn’t ask for you to shout out” Haley said turning to our group. “Put your hand up if you have finished” Haley said a bit more cheerfully.

 Jens hand shot straight up, no one else had finished it seemed. “Ok then you guys should show us how it’s done” Haley exclaimed flashing a smile. As we stood up infront of everyone and I started to blush, I dropped to the ground as Jen grabbed me but Albert started to stutter “I heard needed you- you needed a bi-it of uhh retarded in class, HA!” we all turned bright red and stood away from the stage area. “Ok then guys I guess we will finish on that note, who wants lunch?” Haley shouted cheerfully. The most of us cheered as we followed her into the lunch hall. There was a large selection of breads and fruit, the lunch hall was empty, looks like everyone has had their lunch already. I took a lunch tray and took what looked appealing, 5 apple slices, 1 hand of gapes, 2 pieces of buttered bread and a cup of orange purée. I sat down taking off my fleece and sitting it on the chair. Jen crazily waved to me from the line as I stuffed an apple piece into my mouth. Jen was taking all sorts she took a full grape stalk, scooped up some ripe red strawberries, a bruised banana, and nearly a liter of lemonade avoiding the bread and toast. She looked at me slowly walking over, tray in hand and sat down next to me “so tell me why you scowled at the bread? Have you got a lifelong hatred other wheat?” I chuckled. She gave me a blank look “No Iam not kidding here but I heard they drug the bread over here”. “I don’t think so Jen, don’t believe those rumors” I said taking a bite of my bread, feeling a bit…odd my brain felt- heavy? Or something like that. I just didn’t feel right in the head now, ok maybe I was wrong, I think they drug this stuff. “OMG Abbie can you hear me?!” she paused waiting for an answer “Dude your pupils are huge, are you ok, talk to me!?” she said a bit more concerned, as Albert came and rushed over in panic, “Are you alright?!” he shouted to me, “guys I’am just…perfect, I feel happy” I answered as Jen ran up to Haley who was leaning against the wall. “Haley help Abbie has been drugged!” Jen screamed across the lunch hall, as all eyes were on her. “Damnit!” Haley said, I’ve never heard an Amity use that language before. “The bread must have been made with too much” she said rushing over to me. “What in the world did you put in the bread?!” Albert screamed. “Its fine guys I’am good, remain calm”, but it was already starting a crowd…well what an awesome start.


Haley reached into her pocket and brought out a teal-looking liquid in a syringe, injecting it into my wrist…I seem to open my eyes now, hmmm something is fishy here, oh I get it if I can’t move then I can’t talk and then it will stall time, in which they are going to fix me?... ok I’ll admit it I got 2 test scores, I was also Erudite. “Don’t worry this only lasts a minute she said hauling me up along with…Albert? I guess. He seems the strongest here “Are we taking her to the first aid?” Albert asked “Yes” Haley answered, her tone sounded, soothing to me, it was soft and slightly high pitched. I could feel the fist aid table on my back, cold and hard.  “So what is the case here?” a deep toned woman asked. “Oh nothing too big, I just need you to keep her here until the peace serum wares off, the bread she ate had a bit too much of an over-dose on the peace” Haley answered. “Ok got it, what time do you want her back by?” the woman replied. “Preferably before 6:30pm, thank you” Haley said as I could feel my eyes starting to work again, as I opened them I saw Albert trailing off outside along with Haley. “I hope she is in good hands” Haley shouted before leaving the door. “Don’t worry, she is” The woman’s voice trailed as she said it. “So you’re up?” the woman said looking into my eyes. “No, Iam just sleep talking!” I answered giggling like mad. “  Could you please tell me your name, full name” the woman said with a smile. “Why?” I answered plainly “Oh just to look you up on the computer, check for allergies and stuff, the rest of the group will have to do it later, but I figure considering your already here it might be better” she said with a small smirk, it seems around here you won’t catch anyone, not smiling. “Ok Iam Abigail Teigan RecLove” I say, insanely laughing now.

 “Ok then, no need to sound insane” she says laughing herself. She was typing my name in the computer as a full page of fact about me came up, my face, my test scores, everything. “Oh I see you have 2 test scores” she said with more of a straight face. “Yes I do, is there a problem?” I said with a grin. “Do you mind if I inject you with a simulation?” she asks, “what simulation, the one with the dog and stuff, my memory isn’t straight at the moment, neither is my mind” I say my face going straight as well. “Oh, well if you wouldn’t mind retaking the test, it’s just the Erudite will get the wrong idea, you see, most people are lucky to get 2 test scores but it sometimes leads to uhh… a bit of a struggle let’s say” she says a bit shifty. “OK” it was just a plain answer, but I was smiling again as she injected me with the simulation. I was back at the place I once was, in a lunch hall, 2 baskets and 2 things to choose from, a knife and a block of yellowish cheddar cheese. “Choose one” a crackly woman’s voice said. “I know what’s going to happen though” I said walking up to the doors, of which a horrifying dog came out of last time. I felt weird, this time I could tell where I was, what was going to happen, I was creating my own story here, but how? Is it the peace serum, is it messing with me, only one way to find out I thought as I opened the iron doors which the dog should be behind, but, no nothing just a plain field.

I had broken the simulation I started to feel a piercing feeling as I woke up to see the woman pricking a needle in my finger. “Why are you doing that?!” I said pulling away my hand “well I had to wake you up somehow! What was that? How did you do that?!” she said almost screaming at me her voice turned to a whisper “are you, divergent?” she said putting a plaster over the prick in my finger. “Divergent? What do you mean, oh that, the simulation thing? No that was all new; I don’t know what I did”. “Ok just please keep what just happened just between us, ok? You better get back to the others now”. I hopped down from the first aid table feeling a bit dizzy, but I continued out the door looking at the clock…4:56pm. When I got out I saw a boy I knew from our group “Hey, come on, Haley told me to stay out here until you came out and tell you that we are in the lunch hall having dinner, ok?” he said still wearing his old factions blue shirt and jeans. “Ok” I answered quietly “ok, come on then” he said walk toward the lunch hall.

When I got there, there was Jen and Albert playing with their diner and my old lunch still sitting there. I ran over and sat down in my old place “your back!” Jen shouted giving me a hug “So are you ok?” Albert said taking a mouth full of tomato pizza. “Yea Iam just peachy” I say leaning a bit away from Jen. “Oh by the way we were just heading to the first aid, but because you already went there, that means you get to go shopping with Haley and we get a new mentor for a bit” Jen said with a smile “Honestly Iam a bit jealous” she said giggling now.”Right guys this will be your new mentor for a bit, his name is Robert ok? You guys head to first aid with him, ok?” Haley yelled across to everyone in the lunch hall, “Let’s go” the man said with a grin as everyone left their dinner to line behind him. “Apart from you Alisa and Abbie, you’re coming with me” Haley said as we both stood behind her and followed her out the back entrance to the lunch hall. “Why me” Alisa asked, Alisa’s shoes just barley scraping mine “because from what I know…your facts are best kept a secret”. I remembered the word the woman told me in first aid divergent I thought, was it a bad thing to be divergent? I had to ask her before I knew it I spluttered out the words “Alisa…are you divergent” the words seems so cold, as if I was insulting her, but I don’t even know what the word means. Alisa turned to me with a quick flick “how do you know that?!” she said, her face going red in anger. “What does it mean to be…divergent?” I asked, what was I doing, these questions were going my wild fire out my mouth, I wanted to know, I needed to know. “Don’t play games here Abbie; I beg you please don’t tell anyone, please!” Alisa said grabbing my shoulders so I faced her correctly she said it again “please”

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