A 1st person story by a girl named Abigail Teigan Reclove but you can call me Abbie , fan fiction about divergent/ insurgent: a new level of divergent, "semi-divergent lets say" :D.
Dont worry, the 2nd chapter may start off small but bare with me guys
3nd chapter soon


1. Amity


I stared blankly into the man’s glassy eyes as he handed me the knife and I would finally make my choice, would I stay with my mother, father and siblings in Candor or would I choose a different faction I thought for a little bit about the choices infront of me I could choose Dauntless and have a life without limits, but Iam way too weak for that. I could choose Abnegation but could I really live a life of no action at all? I still have Erudite and Amity the intelligent and the peaceful I guess I could go with Amity, I don’t want to stay in Candor with my mother and father whenever I stand out of line they basically scold me! Amity it is then considering Iam not that smart. My test scores said that I was Amity anyway I clutched the knife tightly in my left hand and tensing up my right. I pricked my finger against the knife on my thumb and let out a silent scream before allowing a drop of my blood to drip into the soil of Amity. And that was it, it had just decided my future, forever but as they said faction before blood and Amity was my new faction I shouldn’t care about my blood. The Amity cheered giving each other high fives and starting to gossip at any chance they had. I looked over to see a girl in gray clothing in amongst the dauntless, “surely not” I whispered, her name was Beatrice considering I wasn’t popular I was guessing she wouldn’t know me anyway. But she was in Abnegation no one would move from faction to faction, she was in the crowd of dauntless its basically unheard of. A man tapped my on the shoulder I turned around to see my dad bubbling with tears as well as my mother. I leaped into their arms “are you mad at me for not sticking to my faction?” I sobbed. My dad answered “no I think Amity was always for you, we will see you at visiting day” I hugged him tightly before

being torn apart with the crowd of red and yellow Amity. “Bye I love you” I called out from the crowd hoping my mother and father would hear my plea. I turned to see another transfer but from Erudite, he had short wavy black hair, deep blue eyes and the plain uniform of Erudite. “Hello, by any chance are you from Erudite?” I asked, I just wanted to start some chat. “No Iam Amity just likes you, I have made my choice just like you have yours” he answered, his hair flopping to the side as he talked. “Oh well, was your old faction Erudite then?” I still wanted to make some social chat. “Why yes it was, was your old faction candor by any chance?” he said with a smile that showed his plain white teeth just barely. “Yup, Candor the honest” I answered back. “So why did you choose Amity Miss…” he said offering me to introduce myself. “oh Iam Abigail, reference to Abraham, the honest and I joined Amity because it was my test results” I spluttered, I know we are not meant to say our test scores but I can’t help myself, that IS why I joined.”So what your name and why did you join Amity?” I asked as polite as possible. “My name is Albert as in the scientist and I joined because I was bored of Erudite” he answered. Before we could make anymore chat we were off to the Amity headquarters I imagine it a beautiful place.

 We arrived after a 20 minute journey. I finally got to see Amity, it was beautiful, Albert got off at the same time as me and we stood together admiring the place. Most of it was blossoming trees and flowers with children running, playing, making daisy chains of the many flowers that Amity had and people carrying crops to sell as farmers. I suddenly looked down when I felt my hand get warmer, Albert’s fingers were entwined in mine meeting each other at the palms. I had never held hands with someone I guess it was common in Erudite. “Alright” A girls voice called, her voiced sounded soft but demanding “Iam Haley and I will be your mentor for these next few weeks until we find out who will be staying and who will not” she paused and then continued “has anybody got any questions about Amity before we begin our first test?” she said softly with a small edge of a smile on her face. A girl raised her had “when are going to find out who is taken out and who stays?” she was also in Erudite. “Ahhhhh that is actually a good question, in four weeks you will find out if you stay of not, you will train for 5 days a week and 2 days to yourself for 2 weeks” she answered, her head held high. The rest of the group let out a small silent cheer. Another girl held her hand up, she was from Abnegation. “Ummm yes how many will be cut?” she asked, red swelling up in her cheeks. “Another good question and the answer is only 5” again everyone let out a small silent cheer. This year 17 people joined Amity; most people went with Erudite or Candor. I raised my hand and asked “when will we start training?” my felt my palms get hotter and hotter until Haley answered. “We will start training after we are done with questions” she said with a giggle, I guess she was happy to be mentor. Everyone wants to be a mentor of their faction; it was just like being a teacher I guess. “Are we done with questions now?” she asked cheerfully. “Right lets go to~” her sentence cut off there as a girl interrupted “how long have you been Amity?”. Haley turned around and forced a smile “I have been here for 6 years now” she answered. “So what was your old faction?” the girl continued, “just boring old candor” she answered. I had been in candor for years I have never seen an easier lie to detect. I hadn’t noticed, but my hand was raised, before I could put it down Haley pointed in my direction offering to let me say whatever I needed to say. And even before thinking after that I rudely said “you are not candor, can you tell us your real faction?” I said covering my hands over my mouth after I had said it. She gave me a death stare and said “fine you caught me, I was I in ….” She mumbled and then smiled again and said “Right, time for training now eh?”


We followed Haley down the cobbled path until we suddenly came to a stop, I looked through the crowd of transfers to find a large tree, exactly the same one from their symbol. “This is our most famous land mark in Amity and it is the same place you will be training in, cool huh?” she asked, I knew it was a rhetorical question though. I looked around a bit and slowly cut my way through the crowd. “This tree is the biggest in your entire faction, and over 500 years old, in fact it was there before the faction!” she paused she was showing signs of erudite but I wasn’t so sure. “During the wind storms over century’s ago, the tree slanted to the side leaving it like it is today” she smiled. I turned my head to look around; this is the major part of amity so I would like to see what it’s like.  As I thought small and large trees staggering over others and entwining branches. Apple trees saplings in rows and ripe pears hanging by threads of branches. Green houses all in a line some growing strawberries, others filtering water, some of the glass was broken as the roots of trees burst through the glass around the sides. The place was lovely though. My eyes stopped and stared at a girl and she looked rather… out of place. It took me a while but, she was from dauntless she had a scar running down her face and a tattoo of a stream. She turned to me looking back and staring, I quickly whipped around my head and my cheeks blushed, and my braid whipped around my face. I could hear the girl slowly walking up to me and felt her tapping my shoulder. I turned around to see her, wearing black, her face was very… natural, her nose was small and had small freckles at the end, her eyes were a shade of hazel I wasn’t very familiar of and her face was covered in hardly noticeable smaller freckles and lastly her hair, it wasn’t long and down to my hips like mine but she had a cut up to her shoulders witch completed the look.

 “Hi Iam Jen” she gave me a little smirk which I could tell was forced. “Well hi I am Abbie” she gave me a slight grin, this time not forced. Then Albert pulled me away and whispered “why are you talking to the dauntless, you know she’ll just find a way to annoy you soon, or attack you later or even point a gun at you!” he said concerned. I stared him in the eyes before realizing what it looked like to everyone else, he was pulling me in around the waist and our faces were close, it looked like we were a couple and no doubt someone saw us holding hands when we were following Haley. Now everyone will be on my case “look, I was just trying to make some friends if that’s a crime then I am guilty, sorry Albert” I said as I pulled away from his tight grasp. When I turned to Jen she was looking at me with her mouth slightly open at the sight she just saw. “Oooohhhh someone’s got a boy friend!” she chanted. “Wow you must be quite the guys magnet when you get a him that fast!” she smirked almost bursting into laughter. “Come on he’s not my boy friend he was just talking to me, we just met!” “Whatever you say!” she said before turning to the crowd and facing Haley, she was giving me a cold look, at first I thought to myself what I did wrong then I noticed, I’am starting to re-think Albert. I face Albert again silently shouting at him. “Right let’s get going to see you’re cabins, shall we?” Haley asked, I thought we were meant to start training now. But I guess we do have to see the place where we’re going to be sleeping in for 2 weeks.

When we got there, it turned out I was sharing a cabin with Jen and 2 other girls named Alisa and Emma, we went in our cabins to take a look around when I finally got to meet my 2 other cabin mates, Alisa dressed in a dark blue dress and her brown/blonde hair in 2 curled pony-tails and Emma, from Abnegation it seemed, with her chestnut-brown hair in 2 long French braids and a big baggy top with a lighter gray shade of grey for her leggings. “Hello my name is Abbie, and you are Alisa, correct?” I said slightly bowing my head “Nice to have you as an acquaintance, Abbie, may I ask of your second name?” she answered, although I was a bit confused of her sentence I answered. “Abigail Teigan Reclove, what about you?” I asked “Alisa Clove Ellie Helthwith” she answered holding out her hand, in an offer for a hand shake. Alisa turned to Emma “I understand you will be staying in a cabin with us?” Alisa asked as Jen tapped me on the shoulder, “So what’s the deal with Alisa, she talks like a pure posh person” Jen said. “She is a former Erudite lay off a bit from her, honestly that would mean she is a bit posh” I answered. Before I could say anything else Jen let out a large shout, “I CALL TOP-BUNK” she shrieked, climbing up to the top bunk. At the other side of the room there was another bunk “you guys can choose your own beds, I don’t want to be a hassle” Emma said. I flattened the sheets on the bottom bunk, next to Jen and sat down and Alisa sat on the bottom bunk of the beds across the room. “Pfft, I would think that’s what a Stiff would do, put herself last and let others go first” Jen said flicking hair away from her face. I couldn’t help but blush over the fact I was her friend and yet she was so rude. Fly with the crows, you get shot down with them. That’s what they say so I hope Jen isn’t a crow. Haley barged into the room, “Right girls let’s get to training!” she said as we followed her out the room.

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