This story revolves around the period of engagement of a couple. Before their happily-ever-after, however, trouble knocks on their door in an unexpected form. Will this engagement end in marriage or...


2. Weekend at the Beach

"Lindsey, Daddy and I are going to the beach for the weekend," Sabrina exclaimed from the passenger's seat.

"Sabrina, Lindsey is also coming with us," Nick removed his eyes from the steering wheel to look at his daughter.

Sabrina turned her whole body to face Lindsey.

"Really, Lindsey? It would be so much fun. Will you come to swim with me?"

"Yes, sweetie. I will spend all my time with you." She leaned on her seat to pat Sabrina's head.

"We can also make castles, then?" "Of course honey. You can do whatever you want to."

Still grinning, Sabrina turned around. Lindsey took a deep breath. Everything was going fine. Sabrina was overwhelmed by the idea of being together with her. Sabrina turned her body sideways to face the window and began to hum to the music on the player.


Lindsey leaned on the door as Nick carried Sabrina to her bed. He carefully placed her on the bed. Sabrina adjusted her body in her sleep. She looked happy on her sleep. Lindsey wondered what she might be dreaming of. Nick patted her and she made a satisfied sound.

She had always admired the special bond they shared. She remembered that it was one of the things that had made her fall for Nick, the way his eyes twinkled when he mentioned his daughter. They both seemed happier when they were together.

She glanced down and the ring on her finger twinkled. A thrill passed her as she realized that she would soon be a part of their family. She realized that soon she would be the one to tuck Sabrina to bed.

Nick pulled away from the bed and walked to Lindsey. His arm slowly curled around her waist and his face bent place a gentle kiss on her lips. "What do you think now?"

She nodded her head up and down as if in agreement. "I think that this will work out."

He grasped her in an embrace and held her for some time.


Lindsey had blurry visions of Nick putting his robe around him in haste. She had almost fallen back asleep when she heard the door open.

"I am hungry, Daddy." Sabrina's voice took away the sleep from her and she jerked awake. The curtains on the windows were shielding a considerable amount of sunlight from entering the room.

"You sit here. I'll fix something for you," he said through a yawn.

"Shall I come?" Lindsey asked, slowly rising up the bed.

"No, I will be back soon." He flashed an encouraging smile before he left the room.

"So, Sabrina, what are your plans for today?" she patted the spot on her bed.

It was only when she walked up to the bed that Lindsey noticed the confusion on her face. Immediately, Lindsey lowered her eyes. Clearly, she was not used to finding women on her father's bed.

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