This story revolves around the period of engagement of a couple. Before their happily-ever-after, however, trouble knocks on their door in an unexpected form. Will this engagement end in marriage or...


3. Bonding Over a Castle


"Sabrina, hurry up. We are waiting for you," Nick shouted.

Sabrina panted down the stairs. Lindsey could not help notice how cute she looked in her little pink swimsuit and the white smudges all over her skin. "Dad, did you put the Frisbee?"

"Yes," Nick bowed his head a little, "and everything else you asked for. Shall we get going now?"

Sabrina dashed for the door.

"Wait," Lindsey caught her midway and knelt so she would be the same height as her. "Look what have we got here." She rubbed her fingers through the white patches on her skin. Sabrina watched intently as she did so. Once she had finished on the last smudge left, she looked up at Sabrina's beaming face. "Thanks, Lindsey." And she rushed outside.

"Hurry up, Dad. You are getting me late," shouted Sabrina in a make-cute voice.


Lindsey dragged sand over the wall and gently patted on it.

"Sabrina, how was your week in school?"

"I didn’t have a good time in school." Lindsey's brows creased and seemed like a single line over her eyes. "Why? Was there any problem with Miss Parkinson?"

"No. It was because of Rebecca. She was not there. And I don’t really like to play with other girls."

"What happened to Rebecca?"

"She broke her leg Wednesday. She has not been in the school since."


"Dad said he would take me to her house but he is too busy in his office."

Lindsey looked at Sabrina. It felt her with remorse to see the sorrow in the little face.

"Hey Sabrina," Lindsey said her voice suddenly loud and full of enthusiasm. "Forget your Dad. I'll take you to Rebecca's place."

"Really, when?" Her face lit up at the thought.

"Whenever you want to go, except Monday: I have some important work on Monday."

Sabrina's face squeezed in a thoughtful expression.

"Hmm... I know she has to go to the doctor on Tuesday. Can we go on Wednesday?"

Sabrina's eyes twinkled with hope when she looked up at Lindsey.

Lindsey stretched out her hand. "It's a deal then. Wednesday after school."

Sabrina jumped at Lindsey and put her arms around her neck. Lindsey felt a rush of happiness pass through her as the little arms wrapped tightly around her. 

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