The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


3. You are not my nan

"nan why what big teeth you have!" red said in a very suprised way.

"more to smile at you my sweety" nan said in a deep voice

"my what hands you have"

"then there is more of you to cuddle my deer"

"you are not my nan" and she pulled of the wig and mask and there was a wolf sitting in her nans bad with her cloths on.

"what did you do to her nan" I really couldnt hold it in I had to burst it out.

In a very deep voice which was quite wicked he said " I ate her..."

"why you wicked beast why would you do such a thing" Red said in a teary way.

"I wil be going now I dont want to get in the way"

On the way out I hit the closet door and nan fell out all tied up. I didnt want to stay in that house any more so I ran out of the cottage back into the dark woods. Who would she find next? 

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