The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


2. Red hood girl

A red bler ran acros the room that Elizabeth was standing in. She felt a chill on the back of her kneak, she stood as still as she could because she didnt want to come over as an intruder, she span round and a tall brown haired girl was standing before her. " how are you!" she said in a demarding way to Elizabeth.

"I am Elizabeth Jones and I got lost in the woods after running away" Elizabeth said shakely, she took a few steps back just incase the stanger lunged forward.

"Ow, sorry I didnt know you got lost. Hi my name is suesan but everone calles me red or red riding hood because I always ware this red cape, my nan made it for me." Red said in a more carm way this time so Elizabeth steped forward again.

"Dont be scaired, please come in, my nan in in her room having a rap so we have to be a little quiet. Would you like a drink we got a lot."

"Ow,no I am not scaired. I would like a drink please I will just have some water please."

"Sure, I wont be a minute!" rd yelled form the kitchen.

Elizabeth looked around everything was all in bright colours, the little cottage was full of sofas and coffe tables of all sorts of colours. There was only three or four rooms one was the bathroom it was all blue with little pink dolphins on the tiles. Another room was the kitchen it was all pink with a red table and sink, and the final room I could see was the living room it was all yellow with green tables and sofas. Of course there was the bedroom but I didnt see it. Red walked into the room with the drinks and we sat down on the sofa and started talking. I found out that she dilivers cookies to her nan and she sells them in her shop just five minutes down the path the the woods.Suddenly a voice came from the bedroom and we went into the bedroom. It was pritty much the same as the rest of the house but Red said something that compleatly drew me away from the bright colours....   



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