The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


4. Lost but found by a princess in a tower

When she was walking through the woods she came across a stange looking animal it was brown with red paches had the leg of a donkey and the head of a chinchilla it was quite piculiar. Suddenly it stared to dissaper into the shrubs and weeds that took over all of the trees in this dark foggy wood. She didnt really mind the strange being she pressed on no matter what, she made her way into another bright blue skyed clearing. At the far end was a large set of draping vines, when she started walking she stopped to look in the small pond. There was fish of an all aray of colours from gold to black and purple, they were all fighting over food, but how did they get it and how was the water in the pond so blue and fresh. Elizabeths mind wanted her to walk through the vine curtain so she pulled the vine curtain appart to reveal even more bright sunlight and at the far corner this time was a tower with no doors and only one window with a little plant on the ledg it had. It was made from stone but weed had grown up and up it with the vines so it looked very old and green. Elizabeth screamed "Hello is anyone in here?" she waited for a while the a voice came from the tower "Who is it?" the ladies voice was very high and sweet sounding she must have been only sixteen or seventeen.

Elizabeth replied "My name is Elizabeth and I got lost in the forest tring to find my way home I wont tell anyone that I found you."

The sweet voice driffed down the tower into Elizabeths ear, "climb up my hair" Elizabeth was very unshore about how she would climb up hair from all the way up there. Suddenly, long, beautiful, golden hair came cascading down the tower like a magestic golden waterfall. This came to be a very big suprise to her because when she walked over her hair felt so soft, it was like velvit. She rushed up the hair and sat on it like a swing then up she went. Elizabeth didnt hear no grones on pain all she hear was the sweet voice saying that she was almost at the top. Why didnt she just go through a door it was proberbly at the back? When she had reached the window she gently stepped in side to find a quite tall,peached faced lady. Her hair practicly filled the room, it was a very sweet house everything was wood but lots of it had been covered by stunning paintings, this was the best room Elizabeth had seen and there was stairs. Elizabeth wondered how high this building was for it to have stairs. "Help me will you,please I am begging you help me!" her voice was still sweet sounding but itg was more urgent this time "what do you need help will I will try my hardest" Elizabeths voice on the other hand was sounding very nervous "I need to escape there is no doors only one window and one way in an done way out thats my hair!" "Ok"Elizabeth said slowly "I will help you get out of the tower"

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