The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


6. home again

there was another curtain on the other side of the pond whitch Elizabeth had never seen before in her life so she walked to it her heart felt like it would pound out of her chest. The curtain was purple and it sparkled in the midday sun on the other side was to Elizabeth utter suprise it was a road and across the road was the village where Elizabeth lived. Her heart lifted with the ultimate joy and over welmness. She ran all the way home and knocked on the door and her mum answered. All they did was hug and hug and hug they were both so happy, "OW thank god your home I am so sorry to make you run away" her mum cried Elizabeth cried back "dont worrie mum I am fine" Elizabeth never ran away again and she never heard of her strange friends ever again.

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