The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


5. Getting out

We sat down and thought of a plan her hair got me up and will get me down. "OW, I have the greatest idea we tie up your hair round the gog and you hold onto your hair after I go down."  Elizabeth was very pleased with her plan and so was the princess which was called repunsle than began by tieing Repunsles hair round the gog and Elizabeth went down first like Rupensle did every day to her step mother. Elizabeth had saw a picture of the step mother befor in the kitchen her hair was black as night and was dry and long and manggly and her cloths were dirty and black, she seamed quite scairy looking to Elizabeth. Down and down Elizabeth went untill her shoes hit the soft green grass, then it was Repunsles go she went down slower because she wasnt used to it by in a matter of seconds she was standing on the green grass. She seamed so happy she ran around about the tower then to the curtain she ran through it leaping with joy Elizabeth had never seen her so happy befor. Suddenly a wiched voice sqreeched through the wood she was calling Repunsle. Her hair was still atached to the gog because it was so long so she told Elizabeth to jump into the lake. It was cold but clean so Elizabeth didnt mind there was so many multi coloured fish in there. After a minute Elizabeth couldnt hold her breth anymore so she came up but when she did she was alone so she climed out she was wet to the bone and was shivering like a leaf in a sand storm. Once again Elizabeth was alone in the woods and now she really missed her mum so now she was determined to find her and get back home. But how was she going to find her way out of the woods...

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