The fairy tale forest

This book is about a girl who goes into the forest and she gets stuck in loads of different fairy tales will she ever get out?


1. Lost

I was an ordinary day for Elizabeth Jones, she was fourteen years old with long, shiny orban hair that reached her thin waist. Her parents split only last year so she was stil worried if she should trust anyone. Her mum was called Sarah Jones, her hair was red not like her daughter, and hers was short aswell. They were very different in more ways than just looks, her mum was a very indoors girly girl type of girl and Elizabeth is a very outdoors girl and always had arguments with her. She had a really big argument with her mum over what they should do, which was very normal for her. Her mum told her to get out and just go away and come beck later in her rage, but Elizabeth thought that she serious about her going away so she ran to the door peircing tears burst out of her eyes. When she reached the old red door at the back of there little cottage by a wood she didnt hesitate when running out. Her legs were going quicker than they have ever went. She stood before the dark wood, but she kept running she didnt care. Her clothes kept snagging on the vicous thorns and the air was dank with the stagment odor of deconposing leaves.  She stood still and listened to the chittering bugs in the trees and bushes, but when she looked around she didnt know which way she had went. In her panic she ran forward deeper into the woods, in a clearing a whisper of smoke came from chiney of a old ramshakled cabin. She ran forward to the door, there was a large knoker with the shape of a cupcake she knoked it and it opened the second she let the knocker go. The place was all pink with cup cake pictues everwhere. But there was someone in there and she didnt want her in her house. She wore a red hood but who was it? 

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