Bliss magazine competition

HEY GUYS IM SUCH A HUGGGEEE CONOR MAYNARD FAN! BEEN HIS FAN SINCE WHEN HE HAD HIS YOUTUBE PAGE! STILL TO THIS DAY I STILL REFER TO HIM AS (skillzaisherebooya) PLEASE HELP ME WIN THIS COMPETITION! PLEASE LIKE THE FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTON! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING ME ALONG THE WAY! I JUST WANT TO FOLLOW MY IDOL THROUGH HIS FANATIC JOURNEY! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU CONOR MAYNARD! I honestly want to thank absolutely every single person who has viewed my link, voted for me, liked the page and Favorited it. It means absolutely everything to me to know people are willing to stand by me in this competition. Once again I just want to thank every one again. I appreciate it so much, I really just hope i can carry on my journey.


1. Conor Maynard: My lover. My idol.


Where do I start, My names Sarah Louise and I'm Conor Maynard obsessed. Honestly who wouldn't? His a 19 year old lad capable of conquering the world. Just a normal Brighton boy, Until the 19th of May 2006 When he made his youtube account 'skillzaisherebooya'. He started posting a variety of different covers and slowly his fan group grew. Right this very moment Conor has conquered the planet with his first single #CantSayNo. I've been a MASSIVE fan since day 1!


I've followed him through his whole career, right back from his youtube days to becoming an up and coming star! I went to see him in a concert in April and he blew me away, I was also featured in his article in the daily star, I was overwhelmed. The whole experience was mind blowing, from a 13 year old boy doing covers on youtube to being on stage in front of thousands of people. He was born to do this! I've never in my life seen someone so dedicated to their fans. His an inspiration to me and millions of other people world wide. He keeps us all #Mayniacs updated on his work and what his up to, he still does covers and also he does video diary's. (Conorcles)


My passion and love for Conor just keeps growing. 6 Years now I've been a fan, but more than a fan, I see myself as someone who's here for him through the good and bad times, Like a soul mate. This will sound incredibly cheesy but I feel like we have a connection. Not just through the music, through the passion we share, our dedication to life and how much we appreciate every moment we are given. We both believe in fulfilling our dreams despite the bumps in life.


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