Middle school!

Middleschool is a nightmare.


2. The "Cool" Girls in Middleschool

In Middleschool we have the "cool" girls flirting with the "cool" guys. But the "cool" girls do more than only that. Yes, they have "hot problems". Yes, girls can tease. And as you know, girls are the "masters" at gossiping.

Gossiping is what it is a lott of in Middlescool. They cry, they do stupid things and are mean. They get in really bad moods, and make it get over on other people. And you know girls, they know when somethings wrong and they get in and supports their friend. And basicly every "cool" and "hot" girl in the class joins and it grows to a huge fight. And yeah, when you taught it couldnt get worse, one of the "gossip" girls tells the teachers. And do you know what happens when someone tells a teacher? They try to solve it. Teachers arent really helping, but they are forcing with a letter or a e-mail home. They end up talking to the school caunsil and they talk and talk and cry and cry all night. They are 50 mins late for class becase they talk to the caunsil, at least 3 times at week. But that is girls, we just have to watch and learn.

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