Middle school!

Middleschool is a nightmare.


1. People in Middleschool

Middleschool is a nightmare. You have manny kind of people; the "hot" girls, the "cool" girls. the "normal" girls, the "ugly" girl, the "hot" guy, the "cool" guy, the "smart" guy, the "normal" guy, and the "nothing" guy, the bullies, the enthusiastics and the sad ones. We all know em.

After a while in middleschool you basicly dont care about these people at all, but you know em by popularity. You might be like some people and dont care about beeing popular, then you are like me. I dont care about beeing popular. I dont care about beeing the "hot" or the "cool" guy. You get bored of them, and dont really care. Like some people in my class like Taia, McCall and Ellen the "cool" girls just like to mess around together with Tim, Thomas, Ross and Daniel the "cool" guys. People like me dont want to be there. Me and my friends are the "Unpopular but Cool" guys. Me (Trym), Victor, Tomoki and Tota. The weird thing is that the "smart" girls and the "weird" girls are hanging around with uss in class. They are not really into the whole popular cool thing, and are better with uss than the "cool" people.

We the "Unpopular but Cool" are all playing football. We are basicly the only ones that plays football in 6th grade. We are fit, and 2 off uss have 6-pack (me & Victor), but we dont really care. We have Tota (Japanese guy) he is the "super good in maths guy" and helps uss out a lott. But we are as smart as him in all the other subjects but maths...

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